The Life and Works of William Shakespeare: Lecture - Demonstration

This performance demonstration brings two costumed actors from our professional company to your school to present the story of Shakespeare’s life, illustrate the beauty of his words and to throw in a little Renaissance history for good measure. We draw from such works as Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest, Twelfth Night and many more, to illuminate Shakespeare’s life and career using some of his most beloved poetry. Mix in music, humor and even a little stage combat, and you’ve got yourself a pretty exciting class period!

This presentation has no cumbersome set to move in or out – it’s just our actors, your students, and the story of how a brilliant man created his immortal words. While we’re there, schedule a Playshop or two on the Shakespeare play you are studying with your students!

Lecture-demonstration and in-depth question and answer session runs 50 minutes, perfectly fitting within most schools’ class periods. Pricing is $5.00 per student, and a minimum of 25 students (maximum 300). Scaled travel fee additional for distances more than 50 miles from ASC.

To sign up, contact Tony Brown at