Shakespeare on Location

Bring a Full-length production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream to Your School

The Education Department at the ASC has heard from a number of schools that their fieldtrip opportunities are being reduced or even curtailed altogether. Never fear, the ASC is coming to the rescue! The ASC is proud to specialize in offering students an unparalleled opportunity to experience all the excitement of a professional performance at their home theatre. We hear from teachers time and again that providing the opportunity for students to witness one of our productions is a critical part of a well-rounded arts education, and we simply refuse to let the high price of gas keep you and your classes from the finest in Shakespeare performance.

Due to an overwhelming interest and response, we have also decided that our Shakespeare On Location show for the 2013-2014 season will be none other than the ever-popular, ever-hilarious and ever-magical comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Call Tony Brown at 404-874-5299 ext 55 or email for dates and other program requests.


  • What does Shakespeare on Location mean?

    Glad you asked! Shakespeare On Location means our artists on your stage, bringing all the excitement of live performance and active learning to your students and you don’t have to pay for the buses or worry about departure times, traffic or who forgot to pack a lunch!

  • When are you available to come to my schools?

    Performances may be scheduled on select Thursdays throughout the academic school year.

  • Wait, is this a children’s version? My students want the real deal!

    This is not an hour long abridged/small cast performance, but the very same production you would see at our home on Peachtree Street: The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse. Give us a call immediately to book your tour, as these Thursday dates go fast!
Customize your Shakespeare On Location experience with these options:

Performance Only:

Performances at your location are available on select Thursdays. There is a standard 400 ticket minimum at $14.00 per ticket. (That’s the same ticket price we charge for seeing a matinee at our location, without all the extra costs and hassles of transportation, lunches, etc.) Ask about special dates which require only a 300 ticket minimum.

Performance Plus:

Enhance your students’ educational experience by pairing the performance with in-class “playshops” prior to their seeing the show. Our one-class-period playshops are highly interactive. Our ASC Artist Educators work with your class, breaking them into small groups for more individualized attention, to create an exciting, immediate and personal experience with Shakespeare’s language. Your students will not only arrive at the performance with a clearer understanding of the plot and characters, but because they will have performed their own mini-production of the play, they will have a sense of ownership that can help to forge a life-long relationship with Shakespeare, the theatre and poetry itself. The cost per student for the playshop is only an additional $5.00. (That’s nearly 30% off our regular playshop rate!) There is a 20 student minimum and 50 student maximum for each playshop. Multiple playshops can be worked around your bell schedule.

If you want the experience to go even beyond your students, we can add an evening performance open to the entire community.

Nitty Gritty Details:

To host a Shakespeare On Location performance, you’ll need an auditorium that can accommodate at least the minimum ticket requirement. There must be a working lighting system and a clear, clean and easily accessible stage at least 22 feet deep, 32 feet wide, and with a proscenium height of at least 14 feet to accommodate our touring set. (If you space is smaller than that, we do have an alternate set available.) There will also need to be two dressing rooms (or equivalent nearby classroom space), access to restrooms and running water. Our representative will arrange a time for a site visit to take measurements, work out schedules, etc.

We offer this service to schools located within a 50 mile radius of downtown Atlanta. For schools beyond this area, special planning and additional fees will be necessary. Please contact our Education Programs Coordinator, Tony Brown at to select a date and get the process started.

THE FINE PRINT: Tickets are nonrefundable.  If payment is made by school check/credit card it is a tax exempt sale.  If cash, a personal check/credit card is used, 8% sales tax is applied.  ASC will make every effort to work with your group when placing your reservation.  However, if payment has not been received by the due date, cancellations/rescheduling may occur at ASC’s discretion.  Invoices are mailed to you for your records and to ensure the accuracy of your reservation information.  Reservations are cancelled by returning your invoice to us with “CANCEL” written on the invoice.  Cancellations must be received no later than thirty days before the performance date.  ALL DATES, TITLES, AND PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE.