“These are the youths that thunder at a playhouse…” -Henry VIII (5.4.3331)

A residency is an eight-week, language-based exploration of a Shakespeare play culminating in a full production. It focuses on the after-school activities of casting, rehearsing and producing a play by William Shakespeare.

Students in the project can receive training in:
  • Stage combat, stagecraft, warm-up techniques
  • Acting, dance and voice work, and stage movement
  • Costume, makeup, lighting, and props/set design and construction
  • Backstage management, publicity and program/poster design
  • Dramaturgy, scholarship and research skills

Master Classes are available in:
  • Stage combat
  • Elizabethan dance
  • Shakespeare’s text in performance
  • Stage management, stage craft and design
  • Sound sculpture/effects, music and additional skills
  • Master classes can be opened to anyone in the school community, including parents, as well as the cast and crew of the show. The director of the production and trained Teaching Artists / professional ASC actors and directors teach these classes.

Keystones of the Residency are:
  • Inclusiveness and participation for everyone
  • Creativity and a high level of polish in performance
  • A commitment to the over-all scholarship required when producing and performing Shakespeare.

Participation in the Residency will build:
  • Team work and time management skills
  • A sense of commitment and passion for a greater, creative good
  • Greater clarity and confidence in self-expression.
  • Enhanced empathetic listening skills.
  • Self-esteem and life-skills that can lead to future success in college and the greater world.

  • For more information or to schedule an artist-in-residence program, please contact Educational Programs Producer, Kati Grace Brown: