“I don’t really know what you did but it works!”

“(My son) has grown socially, and he’s been in the company of very smart kids and instructors. I think in general drama programs are very good for kids who are still finding their way, socially.”

“Language on Steroids! (This camp) is a foundation for future study and appreciation.”

“The camp curriculum is extensive and the kids get the whole experience—learning lines, being on stage, practicing swordplay, adding their own panache to the performance, wearing costumes, and much more. I highly recommend this camp. The staff are trustworthy, knowledgeable, and most of all fun!”

“Incredible staff!”

“The discipline of learning their lines and stage direction, the exposure to the literature in an active way, the incredible staff.”

“My kids were pushed to perform in ways beyond their comfort zone (this was a good thing!) Now they are really proud!”

“I know that Superheroes has increased her self-esteem and self-confidence. It has also assisted her socialization skills and helped her to stick with something. She loved it and was determined to study her lines and be the best she could be.”

“(My daughter) is completely enamored with Shakespeare as a result of this camp, and often is the first to laugh during a Shakespeare play— her understanding of Shakespeare is astonishing to me. I owe it to the truly extraordinary people who run the Superheroes camp. They have made Shakespeare come alive for my daughter.”

“(My son) has had a great time every year and this camp is always on his must go list. He is really looking forward to being old enough to participate in the more serious productions the high school kids get to go to.”

“The bottom line is that he loved it. He so thoroughly enjoyed it that immediately afterwards he asked if he could do it again the following summer. He had a great time during the two weeks of the camp and at the end of it got on stage confidently. It has really helped boost his confidence and improve his presentation skills for projects at school. He is very much looking forward to doing it again this summer.”

2016 Superheroes and Superheroes Junior Information!

Shakespeare Superheroes (Ages 7-15)

Shakespeare Superheroes is designed to introduce kids to the language, stories, characters and ideas in Shakespeare’s plays in imaginative and playful ways. Kids are introduced to theatre, imagination skills, public speaking, creative play and the literature that they will study in three of four years of high school. Camp activities specifically geared for youngsters incorporating voice, movement, and acting enable students to explore Shakespeare’s text emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Daily recess, a pizza party, and arts and crafts activities are all part of Superheroes camp for a well-rounded experience.

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Each group of up to 18 kids are led through an exploration of the chosen plays by 3 professional actor/educators especially trained in ASC teaching methods. Classes will meet Monday through Friday in two-week sessions, from 9:00AM to 3:00PM. The final day of each 7-15 year old session is at the Atlanta Shakespeare Company and features their final performances on the Tavern’s professional stage!

Tuition: $495 per student, per session; $475 if enrolled by April 1st; Discounts for family or multi-session enrollment.

Contact the Education department at with any questions.

Decatur Location Information
Cobb Location Information
Conyers Location Information (coming soon)

May 30-June 10: King Lear for ages 7-11
Taming of the Shrew for ages 12-15
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July 11-July 22: Taming of the Shrew for ages 7-11
King Lear for ages 12-15
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June 13-June 24: King Lear and Taming of the Shrew
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July 18-July 29: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
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Superheroes Junior Camp (Ages 4-6)

Juniors is our two week summer camp offering for students from 4 to 6 years old. This fun and creative introduction to performance and theater is designed specifically for ages 4-6. The program does not require reading skills and is active and engaging for younger campers. Campers engage in mask and costume creation, and other art projects based on characters and poetry from Shakespeare’s plays. They learn to perform Shakespeare's magical words and stage a final performance for family and friends. Camp takes place 9-3pm, in Decatur, Georgia, at the Atlanta Friends Meeting House. Juniors have their own room and team of trained teachers at camp. The final day is an open class at Friends, to demonstrate to parents and family what the young actors have learned!

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Juniors summer camp sessions will not be enrolling for the summer of 2016 as originally planned.

We hope to have two full sessions in summer of 2017, so please click here to be added to the email list for early-bird enrollment discounts and all the 2017 details. We will get back to you in Spring 2017 as soon as dates are finalized.

Tuition: $495 per student, per session; $475 early-bird enrollment; Discounts for family or multi-session enrollment.

Contact the Education department at with any questions.

Decatur Location Information

To be placed on our waiting list, email Enrollment is on a first come, first served basis, and open to kids of all interests and experience.