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Shakespeare: the Language that Shaped a World (SLAW)

Bring your students the best of what the Bard has to offer with the 50 minute lecture demonstration/ performance entitled: “Shakespeare: the Language That Shaped a World.” Four ASC professional actors will bring a collection of Shakespeare’s most famous characters to life while simultaneously providing your students with essential knowledge about the life of the world’s most beloved playwright and his lasting impact on the language that we speak today. Whether as an introduction to Shakespeare’s work or as a supplement to current classroom study, this program is appropriate for grades 6-12. Set-up is simple, too: you provide the space (a stage or auditorium space works best!) and we will take care of the rest. Our actors are also available for a 10 minute Q & A session with your students after each performance. To bring this unique performance experience to your school, contact Tony Brown: .

Special performances of this production on the Shakespeare Tavern tage will be held November 18-20 and April 23-25. Purchace tickets here.

Shakespeare 4 Kids

By Erin Hurley Sheffield
Music by Andrew Kane
Originally produced at the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival

It’s never too early to introduce students to the magic of Shakespeare. This 55 minute performance, specifically geared towards elementary school students, offers a dynamic (sometimes wacky) and always fun-filled way to get your students excited about learning the classics. You supply the space (A large classroom or auditorium works just fine!) and we will provide the Bard’s most enduring stories in a kid-friendly package that will spark the imagination of your students. A production filled with music, mayhem, some friendly sock puppets, crazy costumes, a magic “plot easel” named Pleasel and a special show robot (aptly named “Sho-bot”), your students may even leave quoting some Shakespeare and singing in the aisles. Either way, we know you’ll all leave smiling.

We will be offering two different version of S4K with limited dates available, so act fast!

September 2014/December 2014-S4K: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
February 2015- S4K: Romeo and Juliet

Special performances of these productions will also be held on the Shakespeare Tavern stage!
SK4: A Midsummer Night's Dream - Saturdays Sept 20 & 27 and December 6 & 13
SK4: Romeo and Juliet Saturdays Feb 7 & 14
Purchase Tickets To Midsummer here.
Purchase Tickets to Romeo and Juliet here.

What people are saying about S4K

I want to thank you for making the field trip to Mt. Zion Elementary School and Oak Grove Montessori possible.

I have never seen professionals with simple props captivate gifted education students the way Shakespeare for Kids did! Your highly-animated, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic actors entranced the the children! Loved the creative use of the puppets! .......and during the hands-on workshops, there was not an idle moment!

I could not have asked for a better introduction to Shakespeare or theater in general. It is amazing how you made an ancient and difficult dialect so accessable to elementary children. The boys and girls now have a good understanding, concerning the plot of Shalespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream! well as a feel a feel for what it takes to convey theater to an audience.

Starting, before the performance, with an upper-grade gifted student asking, "What is Shakespeare?", I think I can say, post visit, that your mission has been successfully accomplished!

Again, I appreciate the extra effort it took to coordinate this trip, one quite a ways from Atlanta. You've opened the eyes of an under-served population with curious minds and a thirst for new knowledge!

Heather Giebeig, MZE QUEST Facilitator K-5

P.S. The montessori directress said she laughed so hard that she had tears!

The show was wonderful. I brought my very bouncy grandson who sat through the entire performance, enthralled! The script is written along the lines of the 70's hit, "Story Theater," which went on to enjoy a brief run as a series on ABC. In it, the characters often narrate the action as they play it, and it is very engaging and clever. I had once thought to write something in the same style, so seeing this script would be a great tutorial! Your use of puppets was wonderfully creative and your players made it seem easy (I know it's not!). As much here for adult as well as kids, I thought.

Steve Podowitz

Please email Kati Grace “KG” Brown at for available dates and more info!