Events at the Tavern: Gotham: A Tale of Two Faces, A Play (with Peeling) Presented by Hysteria Machines (Nov 7 & 9)

Sat, November 07, 2015 11:30 pm

A Hysteria Machines Production

Never before has the Winged Crusader been seen in such a diabolical display of drama and deviance.Join your favorite Gothamites, villains, heroes, and everyone in between, in their scheme to dazzle, amaze and entertain you.

....But be careful and tread lightly....we hear there’s a duality-driven maniac on the loose, and the last thing we need is a full scale breakout!

With the urban city-scape of The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse and gritty immersive stylings of your Hysteria Machines production staff, all who attend are sure to find themselves transported straight to the streets of Gotham.

-Themed beverages!
-VIP upgrades, which means being up close and personal with the performers (and maybe even some stage time!)
-Special Monday Night showing, including photo opportunities, Q & A with the cast, and more!

Saturday November 7 at 11:30pm (after The Tempest)
Monday November 9 at 7:30pm

Drinks available for both shows
Limited food menu available on Monday!

RAFFLE! Buy a ticket to win an assortment of prizes, some of which were hand-made by Arkham’s most well (or badly) behaved patients!

(NOTE: This is a burlesque play, for an audience of 18 and up)

Additional Information


Balcony: $25
Box: $30
Floor: $35
VIP Upgrade: (Available soon, not including tickets) Table for up to 4: $80
Check our Facebook page for information on VIP upgrades!