Events at the Tavern: Story Collider (March 23)

Wed, March 23, 2016 7:30 pm

Show start time: 7:30pm
House open time: 6:15pm
Limited Food/drinks available
Ticket prices: $10 General Admission or seating structure: General admission

Whether we wear white lab coats or haven’t seen a test tube since the 8th grade, science affects and changes us. Those influences and transformations are the stuff of stories and the life blood of the Story Collider. The famed NYC-based group is visiting Atlanta, and, on this special evening, we invite you to come and hear Atlanta scientists and non-scientists alike share their personal stories of science’s impacts on their lives. Whether they seek out stars through telescopes, or peace of mind in doctor’s offices, every story is curiously human. Brought to you by Cancer Treatment Centers of American and the NSF/NASA Center for Chemical Evolution.

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$10 General Admission tickets