2014-2015 Season

Pericles, Prince of Tyre

Show Roles

(Named roles only)
Young Pericles – Matt Felten
Old Pericles, Antiochus – Drew Reeves*
Gower – Andy Offutt Irwin
Marina– Hayley Platt
Thaisa – Mary Russell
Thaliard, Simonides, Leonine, – J. Tony Brown*
Helecanus, Bolt – Andrew Houchins*
Escanes– Chris Shulz
Dionyza, Virgin – Kati Grace Brown
Cleon– Troy Willis*
Cerimon, Pander – Nick Faircloth
Lychordia, Bawd – Mary Ruth Ralston
Lord, Gentleman, Pirate – Stephen Ruffin
Philemon, Lysimachus – Kevin Roost
Knight, Pirate, Sailor – Trey York
Antiochus’ Daughter, Diana – Miranda Wilson


Show Roles

Duncan - Doug Kaye*
Malcolm - Chris Rushing
Donalbain - Kathryn Lawson
Macbeth - Jeff Watkins
Banquo - Troy Willis*
Fleance - Hayley Platt
Macbeth’s Lady - Mary Russell
Macduff - Paul Hester*
Macduff’s Lady - Dani Herd
Lennox - Nicholas Faircloth
Ross - J. Tony Brown*
Angus - Stephen Ruffin
Caithness - Doug Kaye*
Siward - J. Tony Brown*
Young Siward - Kathryn Lawson
Young Macduff - Hayley Platt
The Weird Sisters - Dani Herd, Amanda Lindsey, Hayley Platt
Porter - Vinnie Mascola
Old Man - Doug Kaye*
Scottish Doctor - Troy Willis*
English Doctor - Doug Kaye*
Murderers - Stephen Ruffin, Vinnie Mascola, Patrick Galletta
Gentlewoman - Amanda Lindsey
Seyton - Patrick Galletta
Bleeding Captain - Nicholas Faircloth
Show of Kings - Paul Hester*, Chris Rushing, J. Tony Brown*, Nicholas Faircloth, Stephen Ruffin

Twelfth Night

Show Roles

Viola - Jennifer Lamourt
Olivia - Mary Russell
Orsino - Paul Hester*
Feste - Mary Ruth Ralston
Malvolio - Jeff Watkins*
Sir Toby Belch - Nicholas Faircloth
Sir Andrew Aguecheek - Matt Nitchie
Maria - Kirstin Calvert
Curio - Vinnie Mascola
Valentine - Trey York
Captain - J. Tony Brown*
Sailors - Doug Graham, Adam King
Antonio - Vinnie Mascola
Sebastian - Doug Graham
Fabian - Adam King
1st Officer - Trey York
2nd Officer - J. Tony Brown*
Priest - J. Tony Brown*
Musicians - Mary Ruth Ralston, Matt Nitchie

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

Show Roles

Drew Reeves* (Scrooge)
Andrew Houchins*
Paul Hester*
Rivka Levin*
Becky Cormier Finch
Matt Felten
Matt Nitchie
Mary Ruth Ralston
Clarke Weigle
Hayley Platt

The Merry Wives of Windsor

Show Roles

Sir John Falstaff – Spencer G. Stephens
Master Ford – Paul Hester*
Mistress Ford – Tiffany Mitchenor
Master Page – Chris Rushing
Mistress Page – Mary Ruth Ralston
Anne Page – Elizabeth Johnson
Master Fenton – Bryce Payne
Sir Hugh – Matt Nitchie
Doctor Caius – Doug Graham
Mistress Quickly – Tetrianna Silas
Justice Shallow – Doug Kaye*
Slender – Adam King
Pistol – Troy Willis*
Bardolph – Clarke Weigle
Host – Vinnie Mascola
Simple, John – Josh Diboll
Jack Rugby – Cale Lawton
Nym, Robert – Patrick Galletta
William Page, Robin – Grant Myers & Lilly Berry on alternate nights

Romeo and Juliet

Show Roles

Romeo – Nick Arapoglou*
Juliet – Annie York Hester
Friar Lawrence, Servant – Matt Nitchie
Lord Capulet – Doug Kaye*
Lady Capulet – Mary Russell
Mercutio, Gregory, Friar John – Andrew Houchins*
Nurse – Rivka Levin*
Benvolio, Watch – Paul Hester*
Tybalt, Servant, Watch – Vinnie Mascola
Lord Montague, Peter – Troy Willis*
Prince, Apothecary, Servant – J. Tony Brown*
Paris, Sampson, Tybalt’s Man – Josh Diboll
Lady Montague, Paris’ Page, Servant – Anna Fontaine (thru 2/22)
Tetrianna Silas (2/24-3/1)
Abram, Balthasar, Servant – Kevin Roost

The Winter’s Tale

Show Roles

Leontes – Jeff McKerley*
Mamillus – Hayley Platt
Camillo - Doug Kaye*
Antigonus – Andrew Houchins*
Cleomines – Mary Ruth Ralston
Dion – Adam King
Hermione - Laura Cole
Perdita – Hayley Platt
Paulina - Heidi Cline McKerley
Emilia – Rivka Levin*
Polixenes – Troy Willis*
Florizell – Matt Felten
Old Shepherd – J. Tony Brown*
Clowne – Nicholas Faircloth
Paulina’s Stewards – Andrew Houchins*, Matt Nitchie
Paulina’s Lady – Rivka Levin*
Chorus - Doug Kaye*
Autolicus – Matt Nitchie
Archidamus – J. Tony Brown*
Officer – Matt Nitchie
Jailer – J. Tony Brown*
Mops – Anna Fontaine
Dorcus – Sarah Beth Mosley
Bear – Nicholas Faircloth
Mariner – J. Tony Brown
1st Gentleman - Paul Hester*

The Taming of the Shrew

Thornton Wilder’s Our Town

The Merchant of Venice