Acting Company

Adam King Elementary & Homeschool Programs Coordinator 404-874-5299 x 62 Amanda Lindsey McDonald Marketing Associate 404-874-5299 x 63 Andrew Houchins Associate Producer 404-874-5299 x 57
Becky Cormier Finch Box Office Manager Doug Kaye   Jeff Watkins Artistic Director, Board President 404-874-5299 x 43
Kati Grace Brown Associate Director of Education Sales 404-874-5299 x 42 Laura Cole Director of Education and Training 404-874-5299 x 58 Mary Ruth Ralston Resident Company Member
Matt Nitchie IT Support Specialist Maurice Ralston   Nicholas Faircloth Resident Company Member 404-874-5299 x 33
Rivka Levin Development Director 404-874-5299 x 51 Troy Willis Associate & Senior Company Member