The Atlanta Shakespeare Company (at The Shakespeare Tavern) holds auditions several times a year. Apprentice Company auditions happen in early Spring. Check back for specific dates and information.

We hire professional Atlanta-based performers. You may mail your headshot and resume to:
Casting Director at The Shakespeare Tavern®
499 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta GA 30308

Audition notices are also posted with and on the Equity Hotline.

The ASC is also represented during the Unified Auditions. Go to for more information.

We always recommend this formula for being successful at the Tavern: come see what we do. If you like it, volunteer, show your enthusiasm any way you can. Talk to our directors. Our approach to Shakespeare is unique and does require an immersion into our philosophy and aesthetic. If you haven't seen a production here, it is important that you do. There's no way to begin to know what we're really about (and how you can contribute) until then.

Apprentice Company Auditions/Information:

Click here for information about upcoming Apprentice Company auditions.

Auditioning for The Apprentice Company

The ASC holds Apprentice auditions in the late spring/early summer.
No inquiries until specific date information is posted each year.

The Atlanta Shakespeare Company at the Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse offers an Apprenticeship for post-education, professional actors. Auditions are held each spring and we also attend the annual Unified Auditions, organized by the Atlanta Coalition of Performing Arts. for more info on the Unifieds. Our Apprentice Company dates will be posted sometime in mid- April each year. Please check this page periodically for updated information. Please, no inquiries until that specific information is posted. Everything you need to know ahead of your call back for the Apprentice Company is posted on our Apprentice webpage in the FAQ’s.

Still have an AppCo question? Email with your question and one of our staff members who is a former apprentice will respond with an answer.

The by-audition-only Company of 8 actors begins the season in August/September and continues to the end of April. Exact start and end dates tba. The Apprenticeship involves intensive acting training and performance on the Tavern stage in Shakespeare as well as training in back stage/front of house support for artistic and management staff. Areas of study include Voice, Text, Original Practice, Movement, Dance, Madrigal, Fight and Structure of the Verse as well as lighting, stage management, marketing, and Alexander Technique. Paid position.

For more information, see our apprentice company page.