Anné Carole Butler: Costume Designer

Contact Information

404-874-5299 x 38

This is my 29th year with ASC. I have worked on every production at ASC since 1992. Highlights: My costumes have graced the London stage of the Globe Theatre, when ASC performed there in 1995. When ASC completed our goal of performing Shakespeare’s entire canon, I was also able to say that I have costumed all 39 of Shakespeare’s plays. Plus the “lost” play, Double Falsehood, [Editor’s Note: This makes her most likely the only person in the world to have done this!] as well as one of his poems too! In 2012, I was the very first recipient of a Suzi Award for Lifetime Achievement. I was awarded this for my body of work in Costume Design as well as for having costumed all of Shakespeare’s plays. 

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