Garrett Gentry: Bar Manager

Contact Information

404-874-5299 x 31

Garrett Gentry was born in 1986, the son of bar managers, and early on began to show signs that he too would in time become a bar manager. Throughout his younger days he visited many bars but managed none of them. In 2006, while attending Georgia State University for bar management, he began working in the kitchen at the Shakespeare Tavern where he made many friends and learned a great deal about food service. He observed the lovely options for beverages available at the Shakespeare Tavern and noted the presence of a wonderful bar. Over the years it became apparent that this was the bar he would someday manage. Thus, when the opportunity arose, he accepted the position gladly and has ever since been the bar manager he was meant to be. He is immensely thankful for the kitchen staff at Chef For a Night Catering and all of the volunteers.

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