Nancy Myers Rinehart: Chef For a Night Catering, Owner

Contact Information

404-874-5299 x 36

Nancy was born in Pennsylvania but raised mostly in Atlanta. She first started cooking for large crowds of people in a vegetarian co-op while earning her degree in Psychology at Oberlin College in Ohio, where she was also involved in student theater as a stage manager. After college she spent some time in LA, then Houston, TX, before making her way back to Atlanta. She spent brief amounts of time teaching, waiting tables, and working as a receptionist for World Championship Wrestling (OK, that was only a temp job, but it’s great fun to mention), before landing at the Shakespeare Tavern. She began working for Laurie Luntz’s Chef For A Night Catering in January of 1992. In the fall of 1993 Nancy bought the catering business from Laurie and has been here ever since - she’s even played on stage at the Tavern in “Myth” and “The Frogs.” Bon Appetit!

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