Take the Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse . . . (please!)

A lot of people just ASSUME that a cultural jewel like the Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse is funded by a broad base of philanthropic support from corporations, foundations and enlightened government granting agencies.

Not so!

Our work is made possible by people just like you.

Consider the following:



I think you can tell from all of the above that we do our dead-level best to run a tight ship that's largely based on productivity, earned income, and direct support from the people we serve.

That's where YOU come in!

We have until midnight Sunday, December 31st to make our Fall Annual Fund Goal of $86,386. How much you give isn't nearly as important as giving something! Every gift matters and every gift is appreciated.

Our work continues no other way!

Give via PayPal here:

Or through our secure website here!

Giving MORE than $100? PayPal now has a nonprofit division called the PayPal Giving Fund. If you contribute through that channel, ASC receives 101% of the contribution with no fees or deductions. CLICK HERE to contribute through the PayPal Giving Fund.

Want to know more about our company? CLICK HERE to see our most recent Audit, IRS Form 990, and Official Attendance Statistics.