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Summer College Internships With ASC

Internship Opportunities

In the summer of 2018, ASC’s Education Department will offer four internship opportunities, detailed below. The internships are designed to allow qualified undergraduate students to learn about Teaching Artistry, arts administration, web design, and marketing while gaining valuable work experience.

Shakespeare Superheroes Internship: The Shakespeare Superheroes Intern will assist in several sessions of Shakespeare Superheroes, a summer camp designed to introduce elementary and middle school students to the language, stories, characters, and ideas in Shakespeare’s plays in imaginative and playful ways. The Shakespeare Superheroes Intern will work in camp sessions from May 29-June 22 and from July 9-20. The Intern will assist ASC’s professional Teaching Artists in leading theater games, teaching stage combat and dances, and helping students rehearse scenes from Romeo and Juliet and Two Gentlemen of Verona in preparation for a final performance for family and friends. Camp sessions will be located at the Decatur Friends Meeting House and at the Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse. When the Shakespeare Superheroes Intern is not in the classroom, he or she will complete administrative work in the Education Department, which will include completing projects relating to curriculum development, program production, sales, and fundraising. This position is full-time, Monday through Friday beginning on Thursday, May 24 and ending on Tuesday, July 31. The ideal candidate for this internship is a college undergraduate studying acting, directing, theatre, education, or English literature who has significant experience teaching performing arts to young children.

Shakespeare Intensive for Teens Internships: The two Shakespeare Intensive for Teens Interns will assist in Shakespeare Intensive for Teens (SIT), which is an audition-based student summer program for teenagers, who rehearse and perform a Shakespeare play and gain pre-professional training in performing Shakespeare. One SIT intern will work with the June session of SIT, which runs from May 29-June 25, and the other SIT Intern will work with the July session of SIT, which runs from July 1-July 30. Both sessions of SIT will be located at the Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse. When an SIT Intern is not in the classroom, he or she will complete administrative work in the Education Department, which will include completing projects relating to curriculum development, program production, sales, and fundraising. This position is full-time, Monday-Friday beginning on Thursday, May 24 and ending on Tuesday, July 31. The ideal candidates for the two SIT Internship positions are college undergraduates studying acting, directing, theatre, or theatre education who have substantial performance experience and experience educating children and teenagers. SIT Internship candidates should indicate in their letter of interest if they have skills in any of the following categories: other types of performance, clown work, dance, stage combat, costuming, and stage management.

Web Design and Marketing Internship: The Web Design and Marketing Intern will assist Education Department staff with creating a new department website and work with staff to create, edit, and upload photographs and videos featuring education programs, patrons, and donors to the website. If time allows, the Intern will also conduct research and create presentations on current best practices in marketing and will aid the Education and Development Coordinator with marketing initiatives relating to fundraising. If time permits, the Intern may be allowed to create new marketing materials for the Education Department. This new part-time internship is designed to be flexible; ideally the Intern will work twenty hours a week between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday-Friday, beginning on Wednesday, May 30. If invited to interview, candidates will have the opportunity to discuss their preferred schedule, including the desired end date of the internship and the opportunity to extend the internship from part-time to full-time to receive college course credit, with the interview committee. The ideal candidate for this internship is a college undergraduate studying with significant experience in web design and marketing. Typical areas of study could include computer science, web design, marketing, public relations and advertising, theater, design, filmmaking or photography.

Application Instructions

To apply for an internship, complete the online application here by March 9, 2018 at 11:59 p.m.Applicants should expect to hear about the status of their application within one business day of submitting their application and all applicants will be contacted by March 10 at noon.

We will conduct interviews with applicants at the Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse on March 10, 2018 from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Saturday March 10, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Sunday March 11, and from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Monday March 12. Applicants who are unable to attend interviews on those dates may contact the internship coordinator, Samantha Smith, at to request alternate interview appointments until March 27, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. Applicants who are unable to attend any interviews in person may request to interview via Skype. All applicants who are invited to interview will be notified of our final decision by April 1, 2018.

Additional Information

ASC does not offer summer housing, and applicants should be living in the Atlanta area during the internship. Interns should have reliable and flexible transportation to and from the theater each day. Intern schedules can vary weekly, so we encourage you not to rely solely on rides from friends and family.

All former interns applying again must send letter of intent and resumes but do not need recommendation letters to be considered again. Please follow instructions in electronic form.

Look over our Internship FAQs here for more information.

Questions? Look over our Internship FAQs here.
Internship FAQs

How does the application process work?

The application deadline is March 9, 2018 at 11:59 p.m.

Each application will be given full and comprehensive consideration. A select number of outstanding applicants will be offered the opportunity to interview in Atlanta with the Intern Coordinator, and one senior summer camp teacher or senior education administrator. If a qualified applicant just cannot be in Atlanta on any of the dates a Skype interview may be set up.

All applicants will be notified of their application status no later than April 1, 2018.

Applicants not selected for an interview are often encouraged to gain more experience in teaching, Shakespeare or general job skills, and may re-apply next year.

For the Shakespeare Superheroes and Shakespeare Intensive for Teens Internships, do I have to have a lot of Shakespeare performance or Shakespeare/English teaching experience? Does my major need to be acting or directing to be considered?

Not at all! That type of particular experience may make you very qualified but we also look for summer camp experience of any kind, and any experience of teaching you may have had. It pays to list any and all internships, teaching jobs, summer camp counselor/ junior counselor or other camp job experiences you have. What clubs do you belong to at college? What programs did you lead in High School? It is useful to note that many of our most qualified and successful applicants are about to enter their Junior or Senior year in college but year in college is not the most important qualifier.

Are the internships paid?

Yes. Interns receive an honorarium to help offset the cost of fuel and lunches during your internship. We recognize that this is an educational opportunity and we want you to pay as little as possible to get here and eat during the day!

Do you provide housing for out-of-state students?

No, and please note that intern honorariums will not cover standard housing costs in Atlanta. You must arrange for somewhere to stay that will allow you to commute to downtown Atlanta.

How do internships work?

We offer two different types of theater education internships each summer, connected with our three summer camps.

Shakespeare Intensive for Teens internships span both the June and July month-long sessions of Shakespeare Intensive for Teens, our theater summer camp for high school students. We hire two SIT interns each year, and it’s a comprehensive experience. You will spend one month assistant teaching a Shakespeare Intensive for Teens session with our leading Education Artists. The alternate month will be spent learning how to administer a professional arts organization with education programming. Areas of exploration will include are certainly not limited to marketing, grant writing and fundraising, research for the education department and general administration help with paperwork etc for the summer programs. During your administrative month you will also supervise summer camp students on work-study scholarships from 4:00-6:00, Monday through Thursday. The administrative month of the internship usually requires fewer hours per week than the instructional month.

Shakespeare Superheroes internships involve assistant teaching sessions of our two-week Shakespeare Superheroes summer camp for rising 2nd to rising 8th grade students, or our Shakespeare Superheroes Juniors sessions for four to six year olds. In addition to teaching and supervising students each day, interns are usually responsible for aiding the lead Education Artists with paperwork and other administration needs. Superheroes interns are also expected to attend general summer education training at the end of May and the exact dates of each camp session will be released during the interview process.

On select occasions, interns MIGHT be asked to assist company members with production activities, such as helping during costume parades or taking notes during a rehearsal. These opportunities are entirely dependent on the needs of the company and are not guaranteed.

I was a participant in Shakespeare Intensive for Teens for one or more years. Does this make me a shoe-in for the SIT internship?

Not necessarily. To be sure, experience with SIT means you’re already familiar with our educational approach and the structure of SIT, and that will definitely factor in when we evaluate you as a candidate. But past participation in SIT alone is not enough to get you the internship. Other factors such as advanced theater training and acting experience, advanced knowledge of Shakespeare, experience supervising children and teens, and college courses taken (to name just a few factors of many) are equally if not more important. Particularly if you just graduated from SIT last year, keep in mind that our internships are extremely selective and you will most likely be competing with applicants who already have a couple years of college and possibly even other internships on their resumes. In the past we have certainly hired interns who were underclassmen, interns who were SIT grads, and interns who happened to be both, but they were the exception rather than the rule. A Shakespeare Intensive for Teens internship is a fantastic learning opportunity but it is not “SIT, Part 2.”

I was an intern last year/ in a previous year. Can I apply again this year?

You can apply for the internship that you didn’t have last time: if you were a Shakespeare Intensive for Teens intern, you can apply to work as a Shakespeare Superheroes intern, and vice versa. Because we have so few intern positions to offer and we’d like to spread the educational opportunity to as many students as possible, we will not hire any student to fill a particular internship more than once.

Any helpful tips for applicants?

Be sure to take time with and proofread the letter of interest that you attach with your application! Writing skills are an important part of the Shakespeare Intensive for Teens internship in particular, and we view the letter of interest as a writing sample.

Make sure everything you submit is up-to-date, has your name and email on each page, and that all the electronic information is accurate and complete.