Atlanta Shakespeare Company Shakespeare Intensive for Teens Introduction and FAQ’s

Thank you for your interest in the Shakespeare Intensive for Teens! Here you will find all the information you need to apply to be a part of this exciting experience with the Atlanta Shakespeare Company.

The Shakespeare Intensive for Teens includes:
  • 4 weeks of intense actor training.
  • Classes in: Shakespeare text work, voice and movement techniques, stage combat, Elizabethan madrigal singing and more
  • Work with professional actors specifically trained in the performance and instruction of Shakespeare for the stage
  • Fast-paced, professional-style rehearsal process of a full length Shakespeare play
  • 3 Performances at The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse
  • Performances open to Parents, Friends AND the Public
  • Text classes that will help you prepare a classical monologue for future auditions
  • Great resume-building experience that will look great on your college applications
  • A whole lot of FUN!
  • Talent and Need-Based Scholarships and Work-Study Available

Remember, you must fill out the ONLINE Audition Application to be considered for SIT. The link for the application is on the main page of our website here.

Auditions will be held February 23rd and 24th, 2019 (late auditions March 2nd and 3rd). Applications must be received no later than February 19th to get an audition time/date. (NOTE: Audition appointments will be made on a first come, first scheduled basis. Delay will limit your choices for audition times.)

Once we receive your application we will contact you with an audition date and time. On your application you can indicate if you need an audition slot on one specific date/time. Even if you are applying to other summer programs we would love to see you at auditions- you never know what the future brings.

We look forward to seeing you at the Auditions!

P.S. Please don’t delay! Audition slots are limited, and will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

Shakespeare Intensive for Teens
(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Shakespeare Intensive for Teens (SIT)?

SIT is an intense theatre training program specifically geared to teens. Whether you are heading for a career on Broadway, or in the Boardroom, the intensive will help you hone vital skills to help you succeed. Through your work in classes and onstage you will not only focus your performance skills, but also learn self-confidence, team building, leadership, public speaking skills, a greater appreciation for the arts, and much, much more.

Specifically SIT is a theatre program. You will be totally immersed in a professional-style training program, similar to those that professional actors use to improve their own skills. In addition (which most professional-style intensives don’t offer) you will be cast in a full-length Shakespeare play. The fast rehearsal process, similar to that of our professional company at the Shakespeare Tavern, will give you the confidence and presence to make quick, bold acting choices, and will stretch your creative wings!

The Intensive is also a great program to have on your academic or extracurricular resume. When you seek out professional-style learning and performance opportunities, you show colleges you are serious about academics and future success.

The basic day for an SIT actor:
8:45- 9:00 AM — Arrival
9:00-11:00 AM — Class Time
11:00-11:30 AM — Lunch
11:30-4:00 PM — Rehearsal and/or Class Time
4:00 PM — Dismissal

What classes will I take?

A well-rounded, active, and fun experience, SIT will focus on the skills you will need to perform Shakespeare. The first week of each session will focus on the Stage Combat, Music, and Movement classes that will make the rehearsal process run smoothly while allowing us to include later classes in Improvisation, the Business of Acting, Stage Craft and Design and others. Classes will be interspersed with daily rehearsals for the play. Text Work and Stage Combat classes will be scheduled several times a week in smaller groups to allow for more individualized attention. Single session classes introducing specialized techniques may include Theatre History, Mime and Clowning, Puppetry, Juggling, and Alexander Technique.

Who will be my teacher/director?

All of our Education Artists for SIT are currently working in the theatre. They are all professional actors, directors, producers, singers, dancers, and musicians. All have been working at the Atlanta Shakespeare Company for several seasons. All have worked at other theatres in Atlanta and elsewhere, including The Alliance Theatre, Theatre in the Square, Onstage Atlanta, Georgia Shakespeare, Human Race Theatre Company, Georgia Renaissance Festival, and Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair. All of our Education Artists have trained extensively and many have degrees in acting or directing. Our fight choreographers and teachers are experienced actor-combatants with lots of experience in class and on stage.

You will be in good hands!

When is the Intensive and how long does it run?

We offer two SIT sessions to allow more people the opportunity to participate and still do the other programs they enjoy in the summer. You can apply for the session that best fits your summer schedule, regardless of your other interests and plans. Each session is four weeks.

The first session will begin on Sunday, June 2 with a company meeting/getting acquainted session/orientation. After the meeting, the cast will be seeing the Tavern’s production of Henry VIII. The ticket price is included in your tuition. Additional tickets may be purchased through our box office. Classes and rehearsals will begin Monday, June 3 at 9am and will run Monday-Friday 9-4pm for four weeks, ending Friday, June 28. The performances will be Saturday and Sunday, June 29 and 30 at 1:30 PM, and Monday July 1 at 7:30 PM

The second session orientation will be on Sunday, June 30. After the meeting, the cast will be seeing the Tavern’s production of As You Like It. The ticket price is included in your tuition. Additional tickets may be purchased through our box office. Classes will begin on Monday July 1. Classes and Rehearsals will run Monday-Friday 9-4pm for four weeks, ending Friday, July 26. The performances will be Saturday and Sunday, July 27 and 28 at 1:30 PM, and Monday, July 29 at 7:30 PM.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the intense nature of the program, actors who have conflicts on any of the class/rehearsal days or the performances should not apply. In applying and auditioning you are committing to be at ALL of the session dates and activities. NO ABSENCES.

When are the Applications due?

Applications are due NO LATER THAN February 19, 2019. Auditions are Saturday, February 23 and Sunday, February 24 (late auditions on March 2 and 3) and audition slots are limited!

Can I apply for both sessions? When are the Auditions, and what should I plan on doing?

You can apply for both sessions, but you will not be accepted to both. However, if you are available for both, applying for both increases your possible casting and chance of being selected for one.

Auditions will be held Saturday February 23 and Sunday, February 24 (late auditions on March 2 and 3). Once you have applied, we will assign you a 60 minute audition slot on one of those days. These will be GROUP AUDITIONS. If you can only be at auditions one of those days or only a specific time during the day let us know on your application. If you are auditioning for other summer programs such as GHP, please let us know when you accept your slot.

For the auditions you should prepare TWO Shakespeare monologues of contrasting style. Each monologue should be no longer than 2 minutes and at least one of them should be iambic pentameter verse (not prose). Make sure your pieces are MEMORIZED. Please pick monologues from two different shows. Also, pick pieces that show us a wide emotional range and your capabilities. Unlike a professional show, we will be casting all the characters from actors in their teens, so we will need people that can play younger and older, funny and serious. Make sure your pieces are MEMORIZED. If you’ve either worked with or auditioned for us before, please do not use any material we’ve already seen you do. And did we mention that both monologues should be MEMORIZED? For more information on preparing an audition please visit our website and go to the Education pages.

In addition to the monologues, please be prepared to show us at least one other skill you possess. If you sing and/or dance please prepare about 16 bars (about 30 seconds) of a song and/or dance piece—any style is fine. You may bring a CD, we’ll have a cd player, or you can sing and/or dance without music. If you play a musical instrument bring it along, and prepare a 16 bar selection. If you juggle, or do acrobatics, show us that. Basically, we want you to show us one other talent you may have. Pick the one you think you do the best. We may also ask you questions about yourself, and your experience. Be prepared for a short interview during the audition.

We like to have fun, and keep you on your toes at the audition, so expect the unexpected. Even if you don’t sing, you might brush up on “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” or “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” It might also be a good idea to have a good (clean) joke ready! Most of all, plan to show us your best, and how much fun you are ready to have!

Audition slots WILL BE LIMITED, and will be assigned in the order we receive your application. We will do our best to see everyone that applies, and may add additional audition times at our discretion. If you are unavailable for the two days listed, please let us know another time you could meet with us. Video taped auditions will be accepted, if you cannot be here at all. However, seeing you in person is always best, and improves your chances! Remember, your completed application packet should be returned by February 12 to reserve your audition time..

For what are you looking from the applicants?

We are looking for a lot of things; the most important are commitment, maturity, and a willingness to try. Some of the casting decisions will be made based on talent, but it is not the most important thing we consider. The most talented actor in the world is only as good as his or her strength of character. We would much rather work with someone who is talented and personable, than someone who is super talented and a diva. We are looking for personality, skill, presence, integrity and strength. We are also looking for people that have a potential to grow, and get the most out of this experience.

How many people will be accepted?

Unfortunately, space is limited. We would love to have the facilities and personnel to accept everyone who applies and auditions, but we can’t. The casts will be anywhere from 12 to 18 people, depending on the show we pick, and whom we think will work well with each other.

One important thing to note, we will strive to give everyone a similar experience. Some cast members will get one role; others may get three or more. We can’t guarantee that all of the cast members will have the same number of lines or roles, but you will be just as important as everyone else.

I have been in SIT before; will I be accepted to SIT this year? Do I have a better chance?

That depends. You will need submit the online application and audition just like everyone else. The difference is that we are familiar with you and your work. We know your strengths and weaknesses, we know if you learned your lines on time or not. Being involved a second or even third year is not guaranteed, but we would love for you to apply/audition again. We recommend that you audition with material we have not seen you do before- try not to bring back your last audition piece or the big speech you did in SIT (or any other program with us) before. Show us how you have grown and tried to stretch yourself as an actor! The one major difference is that you do not need a teacher recommendation. However, you must submit Audition and Scholarship Applications online.

Also, just because you applied last year and weren’t accepted, that does not affect your chances this time around. PLEASE APPLY AGAIN! It may simply be that we had too many people and had to limit due to the cast size of the show we thought would fit with the folks that auditioned. Just as the play will change each year, so will you. You’ve changed and grown; this time we may have the perfect part for you!

When will the casting decisions be made?

We know that you have many other choices for summer activities. We also know that those opportunities fill up quickly. So we will cast the Intensive as quickly as possible. Acceptance and Alternate Letters will be sent out by the middle of March. We will send scripts and your parts at least one month before the first day of rehearsal, once everyone has confirmed.

What play will we be doing?

We don’t know yet! We see everyone in auditions and THEN decide on the play. Our choice is based on the skills of the actors available. We aren’t looking for the actor that is perfect for the part; we are looking for the part that is perfect for the actor. It’s a little different, we know.

What is an “Alternate Letter”?

We will be selecting several alternates, in case someone is selected and then is unable to attend. Remember, these are not “runners up” but are other people with whom we really wanted to work if we’d only had more roles. We would work with you all, if we could!

We only have four weeks. How will I learn my lines?

Once you have accepted a space in the Intensive, we will send you a script and cast list. You will have at least a month to learn your lines. You will be expected to come to the first rehearsal off-book (all your lines memorized). We will include some tips in the script packet. Remember, this is a professional style, INTENSE program; you must be prepared when you arrive!

Okay, here’s the big one. How much does the Shakespeare Intensive for Teens cost?

We try our best to make all of our programs accessible to everyone. Therefore, we do not want the cost of SIT to be prohibitive. Similar programs cost $1500 and don’t offer as much, or have more participants. The tuition for SIT is $949.

Are there Scholarships available? What about work-study?

We understand that not everyone that would benefit from SIT will be able to afford it. Therefore, we are sometimes able to offer full and/or partial scholarships based on both talent and need. The Online application has a section for your financial aid information. YOU MUST FILL THIS OUT TO BE CONSIDERED FOR AID. If you DO NOT WANT TO BE CONSIDERED, there is a field for declining aid.

  • Lord Chamberlain’s Award- Anyone can apply for our talent-based scholarship. This award may be given to one person to cover the full cost of tuition, or several people to cover a portion of the cost. In the online application you can indicate that you are interested in being considered for this award. (HINT; everyone should apply for this award!)
  • Friends of the Bard Awards will be given based on both talent AND need. To apply for this scholarship, you will need to answer some financial questions, and may be asked to provide supporting materials like your involvement in the Reduced Lunch Program at school, or another assistance program. This is the final part of the online application. If you DO NOT NEED financial aid you can indicate this, and you do not need to fill out the rest of the financial aid information. If you do need financial aid in order to attend SIT, please make sure you CAREFULLY fill out this part of the online application.
  • Student Associate positions are work-study opportunities for really motivated teens who would like to contribute even more to the success of SIT and the Atlanta Shakespeare Company and get full or partial tuition help. Work-study positions come with added commitments of time and talent. Work-Study usually involves staying from 4-6pm M-Thursday of your SIT Session, and may also involve one evening Volunteer session a week. Work-Study students must be picked up promptly at 6pm, also. There is more information about work-study below.
Where is the Shakespeare Intensive for Teens held?

All SIT activities will be held at the Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse. The Tavern is located at 499 Peachtree Street, in Midtown Atlanta. (Some classes may be held next door in our Academy building - 497 Peachtree Street.) Go to our website for directions on driving, parking and taking MARTA.

Will my parents have to pay to see the show?

No! Included in the tuition are 2 complimentary tickets to EACH of the three performances. These tickets may be given to anyone you wish. If you would like additional tickets, cast members and their parents may purchase tickets for $7 each. The price to the public will be $9 for students and $12 for adults.

If you have any questions that were not answered here, please contact Tony Brown (Education Performances Coordinator) at or 404-874-5299 ext. 55.

A note to students about The Student Associate Work-Study Program.

The Student Associate Work-Study Program is a lot of work. Most of that work involves cleaning around the theatre. If you aren’t able or willing to do that, then a Student Associate position isn’t for you. However, this position also gets you right into the thick of things as far as running a theatre company and will also include office work, mailings and assorted other jobs. It is challenging and exciting, and in case you missed it…you will clean a lot.

Any student accepted as a Student Associate will have a percentage of his/her tuition covered by working extra hours at the theatre and in our offices during the four weeks of his/her session. The schedule is Monday through Thursday from 4:00 to 6:00pm and one evening a week during the first three weeks (Thursday through Sunday) as a volunteer for the evening show. Typical jobs include cleaning, filing, sorting, cleaning, administrative help and cleaning. To apply you should fill out the complete financial aid part of the online form. You must have a Georgia student work permit by the start of your session (if you're under 16) and be available for all additional hours as listed above. Make sure your parents know about the extra time commitment for work-study! A maximum of three Student Associate positions are available per session.

A note to parents about The Student Associate Work-Study Program.

Because we are a working theatre all year round, it is very important that the Student Associates have transportation available right at 6:00pm every day, or be able to take MARTA or carpool. We cannot supervise students past 6:00pm each day. We will be glad to put you in touch with other parents who may be able to carpool.

Please note: If you do not fill out the financial information, we cannot make any financial aid determinations. We will assume that you are not applying for aid if you leave the form blank or out of your application packet.