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IMPORTANT UPDATE: We've noticed that a lot of our Tavern Teacher emails are bouncing back due to strict security control at many educational institutions. If you were previously on the list but have not heard from us in a while, this is probably the issue. We recommend either using a personal email address to receive our emails or make sure you have marked "[email protected]" as an acceptable, non-spam account. Thank you!

Whether ASC artists are teaching a “playshop”, facilitating a Q&A in a classroom or after a matinee, or teaching an after-school residency, Tavern Teachers are the backbone of our outreach into schools across the southeast.  We absolutely could not do what it takes without you! 

In fact, if you would like to be an official “Tavern Teacher” just join our email list- email me at and put Join Tavern Teachers in the subject heading.

If you could also tell me what age/grade you teach and the school name that would be fantastic.

Indicate whether you would like all our snail mail and email communications or just Tavern Teachers emails. Please include your email and street address, either home or school and we will update your info accordingly!

I send out the (very) occasional email about education initiatives, advocacy, what is coming up in ASC Education, and every once in a while I’ll ask your advice on something that is affecting our Education programs directly.

The rest of the story...

ASC education programs started in 2002 when I got a group of teachers together one December morning for a few hours. I had contacted about 12 teachers on our mailing list that had been coming to Tavern matinee performances with their students for years.  I wanted their feedback on some workshops I had designed so we enjoyed snacks and had fun exploring some new exercises I had learned in the two year advanced Education study arc I had just finished.

That day I learned a lot about what Georgia teachers really need and want in their classrooms and how the Atlanta Shakespeare Company could help impact Georgia students.  The suggestions and honest appraisal really helped build our programs into something worthwhile for teachers and students.

We have learned so much since that day way back when!  Little did I know how incredibly dedicated, informed and passionate our “Tavern Teachers,” as I came to call them, were going to be.  I still enjoy the information, feedback and opinions I get when I ask Tavern Teachers a question.  Join the club and add your voice to the team!

The Education Department also would like to have a stronger online presence, but with the wealth of social media sites to choose from I want to make sure that we chose a format that will best suit the needs of our dedicated Tavern Teachers. I’ve created a 30-second, 4-question survey to learn how you prefer to receive information, and I’d greatly appreciate your input: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DYP7J33

Thank you,

Laura and everyone in ASC Education