Teacher’s Guide to Matinees

Since 1990 the Atlanta Shakespeare Company (ASC) has been bringing the best in world classics to Georgia’s teachers and students. Over this time, ASC has become known for its Original Practice productions® filled with thrilling sword fights, hand-made period costumes, live sound effects, live Renaissance music, and actors that speak directly to the audience in a specially constructed, Globe inspired Elizabethan playhouse we call the Shakespeare Tavern®. We are delighted that you and your students will be joining us this season! Please take a few moments to review the following:

In order to continue to provide you and your students with the best possible ASC experience that we can, we need your help. Specifically:

Student Etiquette Guide:

Please distribute copies of “Off the Page and Onto the Stage,” A Student Guide to the Shakespeare Tavern® to your students. Please review this guide completely with your students and ensure that everyone understands what is and is not acceptable behavior when coming to an ASC show.

Technology is changing every day, and we have found that many text messaging cell phones and phone cameras interfere with our stage management headsets. Any devices used by students during the show will be confiscated and only a teacher will be able to retrieve the device after the show.


If you would like your students to be able to eat a lunch while they are attending a matinee performance, there are 2 options. You may:

  • Pre-order box lunches through the box office when booking your matinee tickets.
  • Have your students bring their own sack lunches.

Lunches may be eaten in the theater at intermission.

As we are not a movie theater with a custodial staff, please help us keep The Tavern clean by instructing your students to throw their trash away in the garbage cans located throughout the theater or the lobby.

Students may not leave the building during the play to get lunch at a nearby restaurant. If you would like your students to eat at a restaurant, please arrange for your buses to take them to the restaurant of your choice after the play.


Please, please, please have the appropriate number of chaperones, and please make sure that chaperones understand that they are here not just to see the play, but most importantly, to keep an eye on the students. We recommend at least one chaperone for every 25 students

Chaperones play an important role in ensuring good behavior from student groups. Therefore it is vital that chaperones sit with, and throughout, your student group instead of together, in small clusters, away from your students. Remember: If a student text messages or uses a phone camera during the show, we may confiscate it until the end of the performance, and ONLY A TEACHER will be able to retrieve it from the box office after the show.


Seating is done on a “first come, first served basis.” The schools that arrive first will generally be seated on the main floor while schools arriving later will generally be seated in the balcony. (All seats are good seats.) For matinees, seating begins at 9:30 AM., the performance begins at 10 AM. For evening performances, seating begins at 6:15 PM on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and at 5:15 PM on Sundays.

We thank you in advance for your assistance and look forward to seeing you this season!

(ASC reserves the right to dismiss any student or school that causes damage to ASC property, endangers the safety of an actor by throwing objects at the stage, or due to any grossly disruptive behavior.)