Atlanta Intown Theatre Partnership (AITP)


The most renowned cities across the world recognize the value of a wide diversity of theatre and the arts in their communities. Theatre brings people together to laugh, to cry, to think, and to feel. Theatre builds bridges across our differences and allows us to celebrate, be inspired, be empowered and learn from and about each other.

A vibrant and sustainable theatre community requires a strong base of theatres as employers of local artists and developers of new talent in order to successfully serve a broad and diverse audience. Currently that is under threat in Atlanta because of lack of resources for mid-sized theatres to sustain our work and our artists. The new economy calls for new models to achieve success. Collaboration and partnership among mid-sized theatres can ensure that Atlanta’s theatre community can grow and thrive in the 21st century.

By combining the strength, resources and talent of five of Atlanta’s top mid-sized professional theatres (Actor’s Express, Atlanta Shakespeare Company, Horizon Theatre Company, Theatrical Outfit and 7 Stages) the Atlanta Intown Theatre Partnership promises to do just that. With a plan to raise $1,000,000 annually, the Partnership will secure the future of these theatres, allowing us to flourish and enrich our community with wide diversity of theatre and performing arts education, reaching hundreds of thousands. While the mission and values of each theatre are unique, our devotion to the development of a vibrant Atlanta theatre community is the bond we all share.


The Atlanta Intown Theatre Partnership expands resources for member professional theatres to create a sustainable theatre community and a more vibrant city. Our goal is to work together to leverage our collective strength, share resources, expand audiences and talent, and increase the number of donors and volunteers. The Partnership will allow each theatre to achieve the scale needed for a healthy business while maintaining the intimacy and unique theatrical experiences that characterize our artistic success.


Whether it is new play development, children’s programming, world premieres, classics, international exchange or culturally diverse programming, each of the member theatres plays a vital role in connecting Atlanta audiences with high quality theatre and educational experiences. Collectively, the Atlanta Intown Theatre Partnership is a major force, sustaining a community of artists, educating children, bringing acclaim to our city and serving diverse audiences from near and far. TOGETHER THE MEMBER THEATRES OF THE PARTNERSHIP ANNUALLY:

Produce over 1,000 performances.
Reach over 150,000 audience members.
Serve 30,000 students through a myriad of unique educational programs.
Employ over 425 artists, technicians and administrators


The immediate goals of the partnership are to:

1. Gain access to a new source of crucial operating funds that will provide a renewable base of support, strengthening the sustainability of each theatre. The goal is to raise $1,000,000 in annual operating support to be split equally among the theatres.
2. Create an expanded community of donors who are actively invested in the success of Atlanta’s mid-size, intown professional theatres.
3. Attract new donors to our theatres who would give because of the value we collectively offer to the city (as donors often do for a museum, a zoo, a botanical garden or the United Way).
4. Raise the profile of the theatres and our work in the community because of the interest and association with donors.
5. Create a larger pool of major gift donors that may want to invest in one or more of the theatres in the future.

Donors will be recruited for three to five year commitments. Each donor will be encouraged to help identify new donors to join us in expanding theatre opportunities in Atlanta. After the initial annual giving program is established, the Partnership will increase its focus to include planned giving in order to grow an endowment for the fund. The success of the Giving Circle will secure the future of these theatres and all that we offer to the community.

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