Events at the Tavern: FB Live: HAMLET: A One Man Show (or, Requiem for a Former Child Star) Now You Can Watch for Free

Fri, April 02, 2021 7:30 pm

Written and performed by Adam King

Developed by Dani Herd, Adam King, & Vinnie Mascola

Former Disney Channel star Adam King, after devoting years of his life in service to the Bard, finally sets out to tackle the greatest role in Shakespeare’s canon: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. He’s got everything he needs! A healthy ego, the keys to an abandoned theatre, and an eager, unpaid intern. What could go wrong? The play’s the thing, wherein he’ll catch the attention needed to ‘reboot’ his struggling career.

Content Advisory: Adult Language, Alcohol

Running time is one hour and fifteen minutes Show was performed in a smaller room of the building, not on the Tavern stage.

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Free to Watch! Click here:
Please note: technical issues caused the sound to go in and out for the first 2 minutes of the show. Feel free to read the opening scene here!