1989-1991 Season

Please note the season listing goes from the end to the beginning.

Commedia dell’ Shakespeare: An Elizabethan Vaudeville
Spring 1991
Directed by Jeffrey Watkins

The Cast

Jeffrey Watkins as Innkeeper
Becky Harris as The Ambitious House Manager
Heidi Moore as The Aspiring Cashier
Ross Mielke as King Waldo the Friendly
Melissa Ritz as Queen Matilda the Affectionate
Clark Orwick as Spector of Ceremonies (Ded Bob), Bendovio, Lord Capulet and Hamlet
Ricki Lee Hagan as Mercurius, Friar Larry, Bernardo, Gertrude, Polonius
Tony Wright as Count Parrot, Juliet, Apothecary, Anthony the Presumptious Vassal, Marcellus, Ophelia and Osric
Jasper Hulsey as Tybia, Ghost of King Hamlet, Claudius
Chris Gebhart as Mort the Hungry, Romeo, The Prince, Horatio, Player
Jay Rood as The Pregnant Light Board Operator
Gerry Obear as Lady with the Funny Hat Behind the Bar



Saint Joan by, George Bernard Shaw
Much Ado About Nothing
December 1990
Directed by Jeffrey Watkins*
Directed by Allen O’Reilly* (Scene One, Saint Joan)

Saint Joan
Jeffrey Watkins* as Robert de Baudricourt
Clark Taylor* as Steward
Lindy Wood as Joan
Tony Wright as Bertrand de Poulengey and Canon de Courcelles
Jasper Hulsey as La Tremouille, Constable of France and Canon John D’Estivet
Ross Mielke as Archbishop of Rheims and Clerical Gentleman
Eric Brooks as Court Page and English Soldier
Chris Gebhart as Gilles de Rais, Bluebeard and Brother Martin Ladvenu
Butch Slade as Captain le Hire
Nic Garcia as The Dauphin, King Charles the Seventh
Becky Harris as Duchesse de la Tremouille
Allen O’Reilly* as Dunois, Bastard of Orleans and Executioner
Tim Haskell as Dunois’ Page
Clark Taylor* as Richard de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick
Gary Williams as John de Stogumber
Ralph Porter* as Peter Cauchon, Bishop of Beauvais
K. Ken Johnston as The Inquisitor

Tommy Chappelle as Courtier, Assessor

Much Ado About Nothing
Jasper Hulsey as Leonato, Governor of Messina
Lee Sloan as Hero, Daughter of Leonato
Clarinda Ross* as Beatrice, Niece of Leonato
Tommy Chappelle as Antonio, His Brother
Ross Mielke as Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon
Clark Taylor as Don John, His Bastard Brother
Nic Garcia as Balthasar, Attendant to Don Pedro
Allen O’Reilly* as Claudio, A Young Lord of Florence
Ralph Porter* as Benedick, A Young Lord of Padua
K. Ken Johnston as Conrade, Follower of Don John
Tony Wright as Borachio, Follower of Don John
Lindy Wood as Margaret, Gentlewoman Attending on Hero
Becky Harris as Ursula, Gentlewoman Attending on Hero
Clark Orwick as Friar Francis
Eric Brooks as Verges, A Headborough
Chris Gebhart as Sexton
Butch Slade as Watch/Attendant/Messenger
Jeffrey Watkins* as Watch/Attendant/Messenger
Beau Brown as Boy
Alex Mercer as Boy
David Marcus on Hammered Dulcimer
David Wolfe on Hammered Dulcimer
Jeffrey Watkins*                   Set/ Lighting Designer
Peter M. Vassil                      Original Costumes(MUCH ADO)
Nick Jameson                        Original Music
David Marcus                        Additional Music
Peggy Lamberson                  Choreographer


The Tempest
Directed by Jack Mason

Jeffrey Watkins* as Prospero
Anne-Marie Akin* as Ariel
Al Choy as Boatswain
Kent Whipple** as Alonso
Bryan Mercer as Antoni
Jayson Smith as Sebastian
Jasper Hulsey as Gonzalo
Lee Sloan as Miranda
Allen O’Reiley* as Caliban
David Olsen as Ferdinand
Tony Wright as Adrian
Chris Gebhart** as Francisco
Clark Orwick as Trinculo
Ross Mielke** as Stephano
Ruth Hartness as Ceres
Lindy Wood as Iris
Puppets as Nymphs and Reapers
Paul Alarcon as Musician

David R. Marcus on Hammered Dulcimer
Peter M. Vassil                      Costume Design
Buck Newman, Jr.                 Set Design
Jeffrey Nealer                        Light Design
Bo Ketchin                             Composer/Musical Director

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