1991-1992 Season

Please note the season listing goes from the end to the beginning.

Romeo and Juliet
May 27- May 16, 1992
Directed by Jeffrey Watkins

Paul Alarcon as Montague, Musician
Eric Brooks as Peter
Kyle Crew as Gregory, Apothecary
Larry Davis as Balthasar
Mark Douglas-Jones* as Mercutio, Friar John
Chris Gebhart as Paris
Meredith Gordon as Abram, Captain of the Watch
Becky Harris as Lady Montague, Dancer
Jennifer Massey as Juliet
Janet Metzger* as Lady Capulet
Ross Mielke as Capulet
Heidi Moore as Rosaline
Kiran Narker as Benvolio, Watchman
Susan Elizabeth Nease as Musician
Micheal Nolan as Sampson, Paris’ Page
Theresa O’Shea as the Nurse
Stephanie Parker as Servant, Dancer
Ralph Porter* as Friar Lawrence
Robin Spriggs as Romeo
Thomas Varden as Citizen, Watchman
Jeffrey Watkins* as Prince Escalus
Tony Wright as Tybalt



The Lion in Winter
by, James Goldman
Winter 1991
Directed by Jeffrey Watkins

The Cast

Stuart Culpepper* as Henry II, King of England
Heidi Moore as Alais Capet
Larry Davis as John
Tony Wright as Geoffrey
Jeff Portell* as Richard
Carol Haynes* as Eleanor of Aquitaine
Robin Spriggs as Phillip Capet, King of France


A Elizabethan Christmas Carol: an Evening of Holiday Music and Comedy
Directed by Jeffrey Watkins
Written by Clark Orwick, Tony Wright, Ross Mielke and Jeffrey Watkins

Musical Direction by Ross Mielke

The Cast

Act One:

Ded Bob, Paul Alarcon, Rob Greenway, Hayes Brown, Ross Mielke and Janet Metzger

Act Two :

Ded Bob as Bobeneezer Scrooge and the Ded Bob Show
Chris Gebhart as Bob Crachit and Ghost of Christmas Past
Ross Mielke as Solicitor, Mr. Fezziwig and Ghost of Christmas Future
Paul Alarcon as Solicitor
Janet Metzger as Caroler and Mrs. Crachit
Leslie Smith as Caroler and Mrs. Fezziwig
Heidi Moore as Caroler, Fanny Scrooge and Martha’s Sister
Becky Harris as Caroler
Rob Greenway as Caroler
Taylor Brickley as Caroler
Tony Wright as Ghost of Jacob Marley and Young Scrooge
Hayes Brown as Marthat Crachit
Lester Bukanki as Tiny Tim

*Ded Bob- conceived, created and performed by Clark Orwick


The Merry Wives of Windsor

Fall 1991
Directed by Jeffrey Watkins

The Cast
John Purcell* as Sir John Falstaff
Chris Gebhart as Fenton, a gentleman
Bill Greeley as Robert Shallow, a country justice
Tony Wright as Abraham Slender, ousin to Shallow
Bill Benson* as Francis Ford, a gentleman of Windsor
Ricki Lee Hagen as George Page, a gentleman of Windsor
Ross Mielke as Sir Hugh Evans, a Welsh parson
Robin Spriggs as Doctor Caius, a French Physician
Bill Griffith as Host of the Garter Inn
Tommy Chappelle as Bardolph, follower of Falstaff
Kyle Crew as Pistol, follower of Falstaff
John Liles as Nym, follower of Flastaff
Taylor Brickley as Robin, page to Falstaff
Robin Robinson* as Peter Simple, servant to Slender
Thomas Micheal McGraw as John Rugby, servant to Doctor Caius
Joanna Neel as Mistress Alice Ford
Janet Metzger as Mistress Margaret Page
Heidi Moore as Mistress Anne Page, her daughter
Judy Langford* as Mistress Quickley, servant to Doctor Caius
John Liles, Jeffrey Watkins* as Servants to Ford
Becky Harris as Women’s understudy
Ross Mielke as Falstaff understudy
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