1992-1993 Season

Please note the season listing goes from the end to the beginning.

Julius Caesar
March 26- May 15, 1993
Directed by Jeffrey Watkins

The Cast

Roy Mcrery as Flavius, Metellus Cimber, Cinna the Poet and Lucilius
Billy C. Pilgrim Jr. as A Carpenter, Publius and Messala
Kyle Crew as Murellus, Trebonius, Pindarus and a Citizen of Rome
Sloan Hayes as A Cobbler, Decius Brutus and Strato
Richard Fagan* as Julius Ceasar and Octavius Caesar
Lawrence Keller as Casca, Clitus and a Citizen of Rome
Gigi Weinrich as Calphurnia
Mark Douglas-Jones* as Mark Antony
John Liles as A Soothsayer, Caius Ligarius, M. Aemilius Lepidus and a Soldier
John Purcell* as Brutus
Tony Wright as Cassius
Winslow Thomas as Cicero, Servant, Artimendorus, Titinius and a Citizen of Rome
Tony Brown as Cinna, Another Poet, Soldier and a Citizen
Evan Pinto as Lucius, Young Cato and Citizen of Rome
Joanna Daniel as Portia


The Rover
by, Mrs. Aphra Behn
January 29- March 6, 1993
Directed and Fight Choreography by Tony Wright

The Cast
Sarah Lancaster as Florinda and Gypsy Singer
Heidi Moore as Hellena, Moretta and a Masquer
Suzanne Roush as Valeria
John Fischer as Stephano and Gypsy Dancer
Hudson Adams as Don Pedro
Becky Harris as Callis and a Masquer
Kiran Narker as Frederick
Kevin Coffey as Belvile
Meredith Gordon as Blunt
Robin Bloodworth as Willmore
Elaine Wadsworth as Gypsy Dancer
Kyle Crew as Sancho, Servant to Don Pedro, Officer and a Masquer
Tomi Funderbank as Lucetta and a Masquer
Evan Pinto as Sebastian, Servant to Don Pedro, Soldier and a Masquer
Randall Lancaster as Biskey and Phillipo
Joanna Daniel as Angellica Bianca
Terrence Flack as Don Antonio and a Masquer
Thomas Varden as Diego and a Masquer
Jeanne Johnson as Gypsy Violinist


Henry IV part 1
Fall 1992
Directed by Jeffrey Watkins

The Cast
Stuart Culpepper* as King Henry IV
Eric Brooks as Earl of Westmerland and Gadshill
Meredith Gordon as Sir Walter Blunt, Traveler and Sheriff
Lenny Herb as Prince John Lancaster, son to the King, Servant and Motley Soldier
Kyle Crew as Courtier, Chamberlain and Archibald, Earl of Douglas
Joanna Daniel as Courtier, Mistress Quickly and Motley Soldier
Richard Fagan* as Courtier, 1st Carrier, Owen Glendower and King’s Soldier
Sarah Lancaster as Courtier and Lady Mortimer, daughter to Clendower and wife to Mortimer and Motley Soldier
Winslow Thomas as Courtier, 2nd Carrier, Traveler, Edmund Mortimer, Earl of March, Motley soldier and 2nd Rebel Soldier
John Purcell* as Sir John Falstaff
Robin Spriggs as Henry, Prince of Wales, son to the King
Brad Davidorf as Edward Poins and Motley Soldier
Robert Browning* as Thomas Percy, Earl of Worcester and Traveler
Bill Griffith as Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland and Sir Richard Vernon
Tony Wright as Henry Percy, surnamed Hotspur, his son
Tommy Chappelle as Bardolph
Heidi Moore as Lady Percy, wife to Hotspur, sister to Mortimer and Motley Soldier
Thomas Varden as 1st Rebel Soldier


As You Like It

Directed by Tony Wright
September 4- October 24, 1992

The Cast
Hudson Adams as Corin, Bodyguard
Eric Brooks as Duke Senior, Courtier
Tony Brown as Banished Lord, Courtier
Heidi Cline as Phebe, Lady
Jean Crepeau as Banished Lord, Lute
Brad Davidorf as Oliver
Meredith Gordon as Charles, William
Bill Greeley as Adam, Sir Oliver Martext
Rob Greenway as Banished Lord, Flute
Bill Griffith as Duke Frederick
Benjamin Hurt as Banished Lord, Bodyguard
Jeanne Johnson as Banished Lady, Violin
Micheal Lopez as LeBeau, Silvius
Heidi Moore as Celia
Stephanie Parker as Hisperia
Evan Pinto as Amiens, Hymen, Bodyguard
Jeff Portell* as Orlando
John Purcell* as Touchstone
Clarinda Ross* as Rosalind
Dina Shadwell as Audrey, Lady
Thomas Varden as 1st Bodyguard
Jeffrey Watkins* as Jaques

Bo Ketchin                             Composer

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