1993-1994 Season

Please note the season listing goes from the end to the beginning.

April 8- May 22, 1994
Directed by Tony Wright

The Cast
Von Coulter as Prologue, The Lord and Jupiter
Joanna Daniel as the Queen and Ghost of Posthumus Mother
Jeff Portell* as Posthumus Leonatus
Heidi Moore* as Imogen
Bill Griffith as Cymbeline
Mark Douglas-Jones as Pisanio
Brent Glenn as Cloten
Tony Brown as Doctor Cornelius
Eric Ware* as Iachimo
Hugh Adams as The Frenchman and Guiderius
Richard Herren as Philario, The Roman Captain and Ghost of Posthumus Father
Megan Hayes as Helen and \The Eagle
Dean Patterson as The Singer and Arviragus
Jeffrey Watkins* as Caius Lucius
Stuart Culpepper* as Belarius
David Marcus on the Hammered Dulcimer

February 4- March 27, 1994
Directed by Jeffrey Watkins

The Cast
Mark Douglas-Jones* as A Weird Sister and Macduff
Patricia French as A Weird Sister and Lady Macduf
Sarah Lancaster as A Weird Sister and Gentlewoman to Lady Macbeth
Eric Brooks as Duncan, The Porter and Seyward
Brent Glenn as Malcolm
Drew Reeves as Donalbain, a Murderer and a Servant (the Loon)
Tony Wright* as The Bloody Sergeant
Hudson Adams as a Chamberlain and the Thane of Lenox
Richard Herren as a Chamberlain, An Old Man and A Doctor
Winslow Thomas as The Thane of Ross
Whitt Brantley as The Thane of Angus and a Murderer
Dikran Tulaine* as Macbeth
Bill Griffith as Banquo
Janet Metzger* as Lady Macbeth
Tony Wright* as Seyton
Fleet Cooper as Fleance and Young Seyward
Bill Griffith as The Thane of Menteith
David Perkel as Lady Macduff’s Son
Sandra Sparks on the Harp


Doctor Faustus
by Christopher Marlowe
Adapted by Jeffrey Watkins
Fall 1993

The Cast
Dikran Tulaine* as Doctor Faustus
Janet Metzger* as Mephistophilis
Troy Willis as Sound Artist


A Midsummer Night’s Dream
September 3- October 24, 1993
Directed by Tony Wright

The Cast
Rob Greenway as a member of Philistrate
Jeanne Johnson as a member of Philostrate
Matthew Trautwein as a member of Philostrate
Mark Douglas-Jones* as Theseus and Oberon
Kimberly Hawthorne* as Hippolyta and Titania
Nancy Ellis as a Courtier and Cobweb
John Fischer as a Courtier, Flute and Kudzu
Tomi Funderbank as a Courtier and Peaseblossom
Drew Reeves as a Courtier, Starveling and Mistletoe
Elaine Wadsworth as a Courtier and Mustardseed
Kelley G. Yearout as a Courtier, Tom Snout and Hayseed
Stephano Magaddino as Egeus and Peter Quince
Heidi Moore as Hermia
Meredith Gordon as Demetrius
Robin Spriggs as Lysander
Kathy Craig as Helena
Jeffrey Watkins* as Bottom the Weaver
Troy Willis as Snug
Brian Parks* as Puck
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