1994-1995 Season

Please note the season listing goes from the end to the beginning.

Time Masters
by, Kyle Crew and Tony Wright
Direction and Fight Choreography by Tony Wright
Music Composed and Performed by Bo Ketchin and Matthew Trautwein       

The Cast
Carrie Cochrane as Shadow Master, Mace, Barker and Ikeda
Kyle Crew as Futurian Warrior, SightlessOne, Jack Hammer, Mordrone Leader, Juno, Tommorrow Man and Zendak
Tomi Funderburk as Alpha
Sarah Lancaster as Zair, Battledomer, Mordrone #2 and Sister Keeper
Bo Ketchin as Musician
Nils Onsager as Drax, Cutter and Mordrone #3
Stephanie Parker as Battledomer, Mordrome #4 and Iris
Matthew Trautwein as Musician and Ariel
Tony Wright as Kord and Cybernomicon
Angel Zachel as Chain, Dinosaur, Black Widow, Mordrone #1, Cres and Asaji

The Poor Man’s Repetory

The Infernal Machine
 by, Jean Cocteau

Directed by Jeffrey Watkins

The Cast
Mark Douglas-Jones* as The Voice and Tiresias
Dean Patterson as The Young Soldier
Eric Brooks as The Soldier and the Drunk
Richard Herren as The Officer and Creon
Heather Heath as Jocasta
Whitt Brantley as Ghost of King Laius and the old Shepherd
Carolyn Cook* as The Sphinx
Matthew Trautwein as Anubis and the messenger from Corinth
Carol Haynes Reiser* as A Theban Mother
Michael Tecosky as Her Son
Alexis Tecosky as Her Daughter and Antigone
Dikran Tulaine* as Oedipus


The Mandrake
by, Niccolo Machiavelli
March 31- May 15, 1995
Directed by Jeffrey Watkins
Composer Bo Ketchin

The Cast
Mark Douglas-Jones* as Callimaco
Eric Brooks as Siro and A Woman
George Bowling as Messer Nicia Calfucci
Dean Patterson as Ligurio
Sandra Sparks as Sostrata
Whitt Brantley as Timoteo
Julia Benjamin as Lucrezia
Matthew Trautwein as Singer/Musician
Leslie Smith as a Singer


by, Jean Racine
March 31- May 14, 1995
Directed by Jeffrey Watkins

The Cast
Whitt Brantley as Agamemnon
Richard Herren as Arcas
Dikran Tulaine* as Achcilles
Mark Douglas Jones* as Ulysses
Dean Patterson as Eurytbates
Heather Heath* as Eriphile
Sandra Sparks as Doris
Carolyn Cook as Iphegenia
Carol Haynes Reiser* as Clytemnestra
Samantha Succop as Aeguna
Matthew Trautwein as Guard



January 27- March 19, 1995
Directed by Heidi Cline
Composer Bo Ketchin

The Cast
Scott Higgs as Roderigo
Tony Wright* as Iago
Jeffrey Watkins* as Brabantio
Eric Ware* as Othello
Pierre A. Perea as Cassio
Matt Rimmer as Officer
Richard Herren as Duke of Venice and Gratiano
Bob R. Patterson as Senator and Lodovico
David Wutrich as Senator and Musician
Heidi Moore* as Desdemona
Scot J. Mann as Montano
Christopher Dawson as a Gentleman of Cyprus
Drew Reeves as a Gentleman of Cyprus  and Clown
Matthew Trautwein as a Gentleman of Cyprus and a Musician
Joanna Daniel as Emila
Dina Shadwell as Bianca and a Musician
Kelly Stewart as a Musician

Titus Andronicus
October 28- December 4, 1994
Directed by Jeffrey Watkins

The Cast
Brent Glenn as Saturninus
Winslow Thomas as Bassianus
Jim Peck* as Marcus Andronicus
Richard Herren as Aemilius
Stuart Culpepper* as Titus Andronicus
Tony Wright* as Lucius
J. Scott Fugate as Quintus
Fleet Cooper as Martius
Drew Reeves as Mutius
Megan McFarland* as Tamora
Charles Holmes as Alarbus
Don Smith as Demetrius
Hudson Adams as Chiron
Sarah Lancaster as Lavinia
Nick Tecosky as Son to Lucius
Eric Ware* as Aaron
Sandra Sparks as the Nurse
Winslow Thomas as Publius
Drew Reeves as A Clown
Matthew Trautwein as a Goth


Twelfth Night
September 2-October 16, 1994
Directed by Tony Wright
Composer Bo Ketchin

The Cast
Matthew Trautwein as Curio
Kelly Stewart as A Harpist
Robin Bloodworth as Orsino
Matt Yates as Valentine
Clarinda Ross* as Viola
Richard Herren as A Sea Captain and the Priest
Tony Brown as Sir Toby Belch
Agnes Lucinda Harty as Maria
Marc McPherson as Sir Andrew Aguecheek
Dean B. Patterson, Jr. as Feste
Heidi Moore* as Olivia
Jeffrey Watkins* as Malvolio
Kelly Stewart as Lady in Waiting to Olivia
James Wagoner as Sebastian
Hudson Adams as Antonio
Michael Masters as Fabian
Matt Yates as 1st Offiecer
Charles Holmes as 2nd Officer
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