1995-1996 Season

Please note the season listing goes from the end to the beginning.


Poor Man’s Repertory

Spring 1996

by, Jean Baptiste Moliere
Directed by Jeff Watkins

The Cast
Susan Andrews as Madame Pernelle
Heather Heath* as Elmire
Betty Hart as Dorine
Troy Willis as Damis
Agnes Lucinda Harty as Mariane
Marc McPhereson as Cleante
Micheal Catangay as Filipe and an Officer
Eric Brooks as Orgon
Jamie Baughman as Valere
Lott Whitt Brantley III as Tartuffe
Bill Greeley as Monsieur Loyal
Matthew Trautwein as A Police Officer


Adapted by from the stories of Ryunosuke Akutagwa and the film by Fay and Michael Kanin
Directed by Jeff Watkins

The Cast
Whitt Brantley as Preist
Troy Willis as Woodcutter
Marc McPherson as Wigmaker
Greg Norris as Deputy
Dikran Tulaine* as Tajomaru
Tony Wright as Takehiko
Agnes Lucinda Harty as Kinume
Susan Andrews as Mother to Kinume
Heather Heath* as the Medium
Matthew Trautwein as Sound Operator
Michael Catangay as Sound Operator

by, Jean Anouilh
(Translated by Lewis Galantiere)
Directed by Jeff Watkins

The Cast
Lott Whitt Brantley III as Chorus
Agnes Lucinda Harty as Antigone
Susan Anrews as Nurse
Betty Hart as Ismene
Jamie Baughman as Haemon
Dikran Tulaine* as Creon
Eric Brooks as First Guard
Greg Norris as Second Guard
Michael Catangay as Third Guard
Troy Willis as Messenger
Nolan Smith as Page
Janie Ross as Eurydice


Romeo and Juliet
March 1- April 28, 1996
Direction and Fight Choreography by Tony Wright

The Cast
Charles Holmes as Balthasar
Greg Norris as Sampson and Page to Paris
Matthew Trautwein as Abram, 1st Watchman and Musician
Jeff McKerley as Peter and 2nd Watchman
Drew Reeves as Benvolio
Tony Wright* as Tybalt
John Purcell* as Capulet
Colleen McClure as Lady Capulet
David Myler as Montague and Friar John
Carrie Cochran as Lady Montague, Rosaline and Apothecary
Brent Griffin as Prince of Verona
Peter Leake as Romeo
Fleet Cooper as Paris
Sally J. Robertson as Nurse
Heidi Moore* as Juliet
Kim Jackson as Joan
Mark Douglas-Jones* as Mercutio
Robert Browning* as Friar Lawrence and 3rd Watchman


Love's Labor’s Lost
Directed by Tony Wright
January 10- February 24, 1996

The Cast
Dean B. Patterson, Jr. as King of Navarre
Peter Leake as Longaville
Myron West as Dumaine
Mark Douglas-Jones* as Berowne
Matthew Trautwein as Anthony Dull and a Musician
Jeff McKerley as Costard
Jeffrey Watkins as Don Adriano de Armado
Drew Reeves as Moth
Tafee Patterson as Jaquenetta
Robert Browning* as Boyet
Heidi Moore as Princess of France
Laura J. Cole as Maria
Betty Hart as Katherine
Sarah Lancaster as Rosaline
Greg Norris as Forester
Eric Brooks as Sir Nathaniel
Whit Brantley as Holofernes
Greg Norris as Marcade
Jennifer Hand as a Musician


by, Albert Camus
October 27- December 3 1995
Directed by Tony Wright

The Cast
Tony Brown as Octavius
Joanna Daniel as Caesonia
Bryan Davis as Mucius, Guard and Poet
Peter Leake as Majordomo, Dancer and Poet
Colleen McClure as Lucius and Poet
Frank McDonald as Mereia
Charity Moon as Courtesan, Dancer and Poet
David Myler as Sempronius
Bob R. Patterson as Lepidus
Dean B. Patterson, Jr as Scipio
Tafee Patterson as Virgilia, Courtesan, Dancer and Poet
M. Scott Robinson as Helicon
Dikran Tulaine* as Caligula
Jeffrey Watkins* as Cherea
Myron West as Guard, Dancer and Poet



The Comedy of Errors
September 1- October 15, 1996
Directed by Jeffrey Watkins

The Cast
Marc McPherson as Egeon
Eric Brooks as Solinus and Balthazar
David Reynolds as Jailer
Matthew Trautwein as A Merchant of Ephesus and Doctor Pinch
Tony Wright* as Antipholus of Syracuse
Whitt Brantley as Dromio of Syracuse
Sloan Hayes as Dromio of Ephesus
Agnes Lucinda Harty as Adriana
Laura J. Cole as Luciana
Hugh Adams as Antipholus of Ephesues
Troy Willis as Angelo
Sally J. Robertson as Nell and Aemilia
Bill Greeley as Another Merchant of Epheseus
Tomi Funderburk as the Courtezan
Jeffrey Watkins* as A Messenger
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