1996-1997 Season

Please note the season listing goes from the end to the beginning.

by, Kyle Crew and Tony Wright
Music by, Bo Ketchin and Matthew Trautwein
Summer 1997
Directed by Tony Wright

Laura J. Cole as Dancer, Taso, Suitor
Tracy Gotts as Odysseus
Michael Guss as Bratecus and Percussion
Betty Hart as Calypso, Dancer, Cicone, Lotus Eater, Soma Sheep, Cice Spirit, Siren and Scylla
Charles Holmes as Poseidon, Dancer, Cicone, Lotus Eater, Hades, Suitor and Bass
Paul MacKey as Dancer, Ravis, Father, Thrinacian and Suitor
Melinda Meyer as Athena, Dancer, Cicone, Soma Sheep, Circe Spirit, Hades Demon and Thrinacian
Nancy Meyers as Solemnon and Keyboards
Dean B. Patterson, Jr. as Zeus, Dancer, Cicone, Cyclops, Hades Demon and Thrinacian
Tafee Patterson as Dancer, Lotus Eater, Circe, Siren, Thrinician and Suitor
Matt Rimmer as Dancer, Eury and Suitor
Matthew Trautwein as Hermes, Alcinous, Guitar, Keyboards and Violin
Kelley Yearout as Elphenor, Penn and Thrinacian


The Merchant of Venice
April 1997
Directed by Tony Wright

The Cast
Robert Browning* as Antonio
Agnes Lucinda Harty as Salerio
Tony Brown as Solanio
John Eric Ladd as Bassanio
Peter Hauenstein as Lorenzo
Hugh Adams as Gratiano
Betty Hart as Portia
Elaine Wadsworth as Nerissa
Matthew Trautwein as Leonardo
Dikran Tulaine as Shylock
Doug Kaye* as Prince of Morocco, Prince of Aragon and Duke of Venice
Whitt Brantley* as Launcelot Gobbo
Richard Herren as Old Gobbo, Tubal and Jailer
Lisa Lovelace as Jessica


Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
February- March 1997
Directed by Jeffrey Watkins

The Cast
Chris Parnell as Bernardo, Captain and Second Gravedigger
Troy Willis as Francisco
Hugh Adams as Horatio
Tony Brown as Marcellus, Player King and Osric
Robert Browning* as Ghost and Doctor of Divinity
Whitt Brantley* as King of Denmark
Matthew Trautwein as Cornelius
Gregory Thomas Isaac as Laertes and Lucianus
Doug Kaye* as Polonius and First Gravedigger
Dikran Tulaine* as Hamlet
Patricia French as Gertrude
Agnes Lucinda Harty as Ophelia
Stuart McDaniel as Reynaldo, Player Queen and Fortinbras
Peter Hauenstein as Rosencrantz



The Tempest
January- February 1997
Directed by Tony Wright

The Cast
Stuart McDaniel as Master of the Ship, Reaper and Adrian
Gregory Thomas Isaac as Boatswain, Light Spirit and  Reaper
Carrie Cochran as Mariner, Light Spirit and Juno
Doug Kaye* as Mariner and Stephano
Lisa Lovelace as Mariner, Light Spirit and Iris
Drew Reeves as Mariner and Trinculo
David Myler as Alonso
Tony Brown as Gonzalo
Peter Hauenstein as Sebastian
Mark Douglas-Jones* as Antonio
Daniel May as Ferdinand
Robert Browning* as Prospero
Simone Jubyna as Miranda
Sarah Lancaster as Ariel
Jeffrey Watkins* as Caliban
Bo Ketchin and Matthew Trautwein as Musicians


The Taming of the Shrew
Fall 1996
Directed by, Jeff Watkins

The Cast
Tony Willis as Lucentio
Dean B. Paterson, Jr. as Tranio
Tony Brown as Baptista
Laura J. Cole as Katherine
Jen Apgar as Bianca
Robert Browning* as Gremio and a Haberdasher
Mark Douglas-Jones* as Hortensio
Chris Parnell as Biondello
Tony Wright* as Petruchio
Sloan Hayes as Grumio
Matthew Trautwein as Curtis
David Myler as A Pedant
Jamie Baughman as A Tailor
Jim Weis as Vincentio
Sally Bondi as A Widow


Venus and Andonis
Summer 1996
Directed by Tony Wright

Betty Hart as Venus
Simone Jubyna as Adonis
Laura J. Cole as a Silver Dove
Peter Hauenstein as a Silver Dove
Elaine Wadsworth as a Silver Dove
Tony Wright as a Silver Dove
Kelly Stewart on Harp
Jennifer Hand on Harp
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