1997-1998 Season

Please note the season listing goes from the end to the beginning.

by William Shakespeare
July 1998

Antiochus, king of Antioch -Al Stilo ,
Pericles, prince of Tyre -Dean B. Patterson, Jr.
Lords of Tyre - Dan Millman, Daniel Pettrow, Timothy Cooper
Helicanus - J. Tony Brown
Simonides, king of Pentapolis - David Myler
Cleon, governor of Tarsus - Brent Griffin
Cerimon, a lord of Ephesus - Timothy Cooper
Thaliard, a lord of Antioch -Charles Nelson
Philemon, servant to Cerimon - Dan Millman
Leonine, servant to Dionyza - John Franklin Ginn
Marshal -Brent Griffin
Philoten, daughter to Cleon and Dionyza - Rebecca Cormier
Boult, a servant - Daniel Pettrow
The Daughter of Antiochus - Millicent Hand
Dionyza, wife to Cleon - Josie Burgin Lawson
Thaisa, daughter to Simonides - Jennifer Akin
Marina, daughter to Pericles and Thaisa - Carrie L. Ragsdale
Lychorida, nurse to Thaisa - Joanna Daniel
Lords, Knights, Gentlemen, Sailors, Pirates, Fishermen, and Messengers- Al Stilo, Patrick Campbell, Daniel Pettrow, John Franklin Ginn, Charles Nelson, Brandon O'Dell, Peter Hauenstein
Ladies of Pentapolis - Dana Sheppard, Rebecca Cormier, Millicent Hand
Gower, as Chorus - Matthew Trautwein


Our Town
by, Thorton Wilder
May- June 1998
Directed by Tony Wright

The Cast
Jeff Watkins* as Stage Manager
Lee Millman as Mrs. Gibbs
Josie Burgin Lawson as Mrs. Webb
Tony Brown as Doc Gibbs
Ryan Merrick as Joe Crowell, Si Crowell and Wally Webb
Allen Hooper as Howie Newsome
Lauren Dollar as Rebecca Gibbs
Trent Merchant as George Gibbs
Elizabeth Diane Wells* as Emily Webb
Chip Coffey as Professor Willard and Mr. Carter
Bill Griffith as Mr. Webb
Deborah McGriff as 2nd Dead Woman
Jerome Fulford as Joe Stoddard
Jane Bass as 1st Dead Woman
David Myler as Simon Stimson
Laura J. Cole as Mrs. Soames
Skip Huffman as Constable Warren


Poor Man’s Repertory
Spring 1998

Edward the Second
by, Christopher Marlowe
Directed by Tony Wright

The Cast
Jody Reynard as Geveston and Gurney
Mark Douglas-Jones* as Kind Edward the Second
John Eric Ladd as Earl of Lancaster
Tony Wright* as Mortimer
Scott Cowart as Edmund and Soldier
Tony Falcitelli as Earl of Warwick, Abbot and Soldier
Tim Long as Bishop of Coventry, Earl of Pembroke and Soldier
Brent Griffin as Archbishop of Canterbury, Captain and Soldier
Laura J. Cole as Queen Isabella
Myron West as Baldock, Matrevis and Soldier
Charles Holmes as Spencer and Lightborn
Jen Apgar as Niece to King Edward, Prince Edward and Soldier
Patricia French as Earl of Berkeley, Marquess of Hainault and Soldier
John Eric Ladd as Earl of Leicester

The Frogs
by, Aristophanes
Adapted and Directed by Doug Kaye

The Cast
Tony Brown as Dionysus
Peter Hauenstein as Xanthias
J.C. Long as Heracles (aka Hercules)
Jody Reynard as A Corpse
Drew Reeves as Charon, and Aeacus
Laura J. Cole as A Maid, A Hostess and Melpomene
Jennifer Akin as Plathane and Thalia
Peter Leake as Euripides
Mark Douglas-Jones* as Aeschylus
Jeff Watkins* as Yet another playwright
Doug Kaye* as Pluto
Matthew Trautwein as Chorus
Nancy Myers on Keyboards
Micheal Gus on Drums

by, Bertholt Brecht
Directed by Dikran Tulaine

The Cast
Matthew Trautwein as Ballad Singer, Secretary and Lord Chamberlain
Jeff Watkins* as Galileo Galilei
Jen Apgar as Andrea Sarti
Patricia French as Mrs. Sarti and Christopher Clavius
Peter Leake as Ludovico Marsili and Informer
Mark Douglas-Jones* as Priuli and Infuriated Monk
Daniel Pettrow as Federzoni
Doug Kaye as Matti, Mathematician, Fat Prelate and Cardinal Bellarmin
Jennifer Akin as Virginia Gaililei
Tony Brown as Philosopher and Cardinal Barberini
Troy Willis as Prince Cosimo de Medici and Fulganzio
Tony Wright* as Old Cardinal and Inquisitor


The Maids
by, Jean Genet
Directed by Jeff Watkins

The Cast
Drew Reeves as Solange
Daniel Pettrow as Claire
Patricia French as Madame



Richard III
February- March 1998
Directed by Jeff Watkins

The Cast
Tony Brown as Lord Hastings, Keeper in the Tower, Sheriff of Wiltshire and Earl of Surrey
Joanna Daniel as Elizabeth
Mark Douglas-Jones* as George Duke of Clarence, Archbishop Canterbury, Scrivener
Bill Griffith as Tressel, King Edward IV, Mayor of London and Sir William Brandon
Peter Haloulos as Earl Rivers, Sir James Tyrrel, Earl of Oxford
Agnes Lucinda Harty as Lady Anne
Peter Hauenstein as Corpse and Ghost of Henry VI, Sir William Catesby
Doug Kaye* as Lord Stanley
Peter Leake as Brackenbury, Henry
J.C. Long as Berkeley, Edward, Page
Charles Nelson as Citizen, Messenger, Duke of Norfolk
Daniel Pettrow as 1st murderer, Sir Richard Ratcliffe, A Bishop
Matthew Pomerantz as Marques of Dorset, Richard, Bishop of Ely, Christopher Urswick
Maurice Ralston as Duke of Buckingham
Drew Reeves as 2nd Murderer, Lord Lovel, Sir Walter Herbert
Matthew Trautwein as Lord Grey, Archbishop of York and Sir James Blunt
Dikran Tulaine as Richard
Wesley Usher as Duchess of York


A Midsummer Night’s Dream
December 1997- January 1998
Directed by Tony Wright

The Cast
Matthew Trautwein as Philostrate
Debra Pampe Peterson as Philostrate
Russell Bryant* as Philostrate
Mark Douglas-Jones* as Theseus and Oberon
Elaine Wadsworth as Hippolyta and Titania
David Craven as a Courtier, Snout and Cowslip
Tracy Gotts as a Courtier and Peaseblossom
Cori Hovda as a Courtier and Cobweb
Simone Jubyna as a Courtier and Mustardseed
Jody Reynard as a Courtier, Starveling and Moth
Angus Whyte as a Courtier, Flute and Toadstool
Eric Brooks as Egeus and Quince
Kim Jackson as Hermia
Charles Holmes as Demetrius
Gregory Thomas Isaac as Lysander
Jennifer Akin as Helena
Tony Falcitelli as Snug
Drew Reeves as Puck


The Life of King Henry V
October- November 1997
Directed by Heidi Cline

The Cast
Brik Berkes as King Henry the Fifth
Robert Browning* as Archbishop of Canterbury, King of France, Captain Jamy, Sir Thomas Erpingham
Melanie Colvert as Princess Katherine
Sean Daniels as Earl of Westmoreland and Captain Gower
Mark Douglas-Jones* as Bishop of Ely, Captain Fluellen
John Gregorio as Earl of Warwick, Earl of Cambridge, Duke of Berry and Duke of Orleans
Agnes Lucinda Harty as Chorus and Queen Isabel of France
Charles Horton as Sir Thomas Grey and Constable of France
Gregory Thomas Isaac as Montjoy the Herald and Captain MacMorris
Daniel May as Duke of Clarence and Louis the Dauphin
Chris Parnell as Nym, Bates, Earl of Salisbury and Duke of Burgandy
Drew Reeves as Bardolph, Lord Rambures and French Soldier
M. Scott Robinson as Lord Scroop, Duke of Britain, Governor of Harfleur and Williams
Brian Stewart as Boy
Al Stilo as Duke of Exeter
Matthew Trautwein as Duke of Gloucester
Greg Walkup as Duke of Bedford
Jeff Watkins* as Pistol
Kathleen Wattis as Mistress Quickly and Alice


Much Ado About Nothing
September- October 1997
Directed by Sally J. Robertson

The Cast
Mark Douglas-Jones* as Flamenco Dancer and Dogberry
Robert Browning* as Leonato
Peter Haloulos as Antonio and The Watch
Matthew Trautwein as A Messenger, Friar Francis and Sexton
Laura J. Cole as Beatrice
Kim Jackson as Hero
Peter Hauenstein as Don Pedro
Tony Wright* as Benedick
Gregory Thomas Isaac as Claudio and The Watch
Dikran Tulaine* as Don John and The Watch
Agnes Lucinda Harty as Conrade and Ursula
Stuart McDaniel as Borachio
Monica Smith as Margaret and The Watch
Kelley G. Yearout as Balthasar and Verges
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