1998-1999 Season

Please note the season listing goes from the end to the beginning.

St. Joan
by, George Bernard Shaw
April 17-May 22, 1999
Directed by Jeffrey Watkins

Eric Brooks as Robert de Baudricourt and English Soldier
Daniel Pettrow as Steward and D’ Estivet
Agnes Harty* as Joan
Gregory Thomas Isaac as Bertrand de Poulengey and the Inquisitor
Robert Browning* as Archbishop of Rheims and Clerical Gentleman
Peter Haloulos as La Tremouille and Brother Martin Ladvenu
Matthew Trautwein as Court Page and Court Assessor
Drew Reeves as Gilles de Rais (Bluebeard) and De Courcelles
Al Stilo as Captain le Hire and Executioner
Peter Hauenstein as The Dauphin (Later Charles VII)
Sheryl Parsons as Duchesse de la Tremouille and Court Scribe
Daniel May as Dunois, Bastard of Orleans and Court Assessor
J.C. Long as Dunois’ Page and Warwick’s Page
Dikran Tulaine* as Richard de Beauchamp
Doug Kaye* as Chaplain de Stogumber
Mark Douglas-Jones* as Peter Cauchon
Deborah McGriff as Female Courtier

Julius Caesar
Winter/ Spring 1999
Directed by Jeffrey Watkins

The Cast
Peter Leake as Flavius, Servant to Caesar, Artimendorus and Octavius Ceasar
Kyle Weir as A Carpenter, Decius Brutus and Strato
Troy Willis as Murellus, Trebonius, Pindarus and Voluminus
Tony Brown as A Cobbler, Cinna and Messala
Robert Browning* as Julius Ceasar and Titinius
Daniel Pettrow as Casca and Clitus
Wesley Usher as Calphurnia
Dikran Tulaine* as Mark Antony
David Harrell as A Soothsayer, Caius Lingarius, M. Aemillius Lepidus, A Poet and Soldier
Mark Douglas-Jones* as Brutus
Tony Wright* as Cassius
Rob Parnell as Cicero and Soldier
J.C. Long as Lucius, Popilius and Young Cato
Jennifer Akin as Portia
Matthew Trautwein as Metellus Cimber, Cinna the Poet, Lucilius and Soldier


The Merry Wives of Windsor
December 1998- January 1999
Directed by Jeffrey Watkins

The Cast
Tony Brown as Sir John Falstaff
Trent Merchant as Fenton
Chip Coffey as Robert Shallow
Drew Reeves as Abraham Slender
Tony Wright* as Francis Ford
John Keenan as George Page
Dikran Tulaine* as Sir Hugh Evans
Peter Leake as Doctor Caius
Brent Griffin as Host of the Garter Inn
Rob Parnell as Bardolph
Myron West as Pistol
Chris Koltz as Nym
J.C. Long as Robin
Matthew Trautwein as Peter Simple
Dan Millman as John Rugby
Laura J. Cole as Mistress Alice Ford
Janet Metzger* as Mistress Margaret Page
Jennifer Akin as Mistress Anee Page
Sally J. Robertson as Mistress Quickly
Myron West as John
Chris Kolz as Robert


King Lear
October 10- November 28, 1998
Directed by Tony Wright

Gregory Thomas Isaac as Edmund
Maurice Ralston as Earl of Kent
Tony Brown as Earl of Gloucester
Robert Browning* as Lear
Joanna Daniel as Goneril
Jeff Watkins* as Duke of Albany
Elizabeth Diane Wells* as Regan
Dikran Tulaine* as Duke of Cornwall and the Captain
Jen Apgar as Cordelia
Brent Griffin as Duke of Burgundy and Doctor
Allen Hooper as King of France
Brik Berkes* as Edgar
Myron West as Oswald
Dan Millman as a Knight attending Lear and Servant to Cornwall
Skip Huffman as Another Knight and a tenant of Gloucester
Mark Douglas-Jones* as The Fool



The Two Gentleman of Verona
September 1998
Directed by Heidi Cline

The Cast
Brik Berkes* as Valentine
Jim Kieffer as Proteus
Mark Douglas-Jones* as Speed, Eglamour and Musician
Susie Grimley* as Julia
Rebekah Baty as Luceta
David Crowe as Antonio and Thurio
Matthew Trautwein as Panthio, Outlaw and Musician
Tara Ochs as Silvia
Al Stilo as Launce and Outlaw
Charles Horton as Duke and Host
Deborah McGriff as Ursula
Rebekah Baty as Outlaw and Musician
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