2000-2001 Season

Please note the season listing goes from the end to the beginning.

Much Ado About Nothing 
by, William Shakespeare
June 8- July 1, 2001
Directed by Jeff Watkins

The Cast

Maurice Ralston as Benedick
Laura Cole as Beatrice
Brik Berkes as Don Pedro
Stuart McDaniel as Don John, funeral singer
Robert Sanders as 1st watch
Charles Nelson as Claudio
Chris Paul as Leonato
Marc McPherson as Antonio and the Sexton
Randy Cohlmia as Borachio
John Fischer as Conrade, Balthasar and funeral singer
Kyle Crew as Dogberry
Neil Necastro as Friar Frances
Melanie Colvert as Hero
Jennifer Akin as Margaret
Bahama Lynch as Ursula
Zoe Hollingworth as Servant


A Streetcar Named Desire
by, Tennessee Williams
May 10-June 3, 2001
Directed by Tim Habeger

The Cast

Patricia French as Blanche
Agnes Lucinda Harty as Stella
Dikran Tulaine as Stanley
Jeff Watkins as Mitch
Jennifer Akin as Eunice
Maurice Ralston as Steve
Randy Cohlmia as Pablo
Neil T. Necastro Jr. as the Doctor
Laura Cole as the Nurse and Mexican Woman
J.C. Long as the Young Collector


by, Bertolt Brecht
April 6-29, 2001
Directed by Dikran Tulaine

The Cast
Jeff Watkins as Galileo Galilei
Jennifer Akin as Virginia Galilei
Josie Burgin Lawson as Mrs. Sarti and Christopher Clavius
Mary Claire Dunne as Andrew Sarti
Stuart McDaniel as the Ballad Singer, the Secretary and Lord Chamberlain
Peter Hauenstein as Ludovico Marsili and the Informer
Fleet Cooper as Priuli, the Curator and the Monk
Marc McPherson as Federzoni
Maurice Ralston as the Old Cardinal and the Inquisitor
Doug Kaye as the Mathematician, the fat Prelate and Cardinal Bellarmin
Neil T. Necastro, Jr as Prince Cosimo de Medici and Fulganzio, the Little Monk
Tony Brown as the Philosopher and Cardinal Barberini


March 8-31, 2001
Directed by Jeff Watkins

The Cast
Peter Hauenstein as Hamlet
Maurice Ralston as Claudius
Drew Reeves as Horatio
Charles Nelson as Laertes
Doug Kaye as Polonius
Jennifer Akin as Ophelia
Josie Burgin Lawson as Gertrude
Neil Necastro as Rosencratz
Fleet Cooper as Guildenstern
Stuart McDaniel as the Ghost of Hamlet’s Father
Tony Brown as Osric, Barnardo and the Player King
Eric Brooks as Marcellus, Player and Gravedigger
J.C. Long as Voltemand, Player Queen, Fortinbras


Romeo and Juliet
February 14- 25, 2001
Directed by, Jeff Watkins

The Cast

Jennifer Akin as Juliet
Peter Hauenstein as Romeo
Tony Brown as Friar Lawrence and Gregory
Daniel Pettrow as Mercutio and Apothecary
Trent Merchant as Benvolio and Third Watch
Drew Reeves as Tybalt and Balthesar
Doug Kaye as Lord Montague and Peter
Maurice Ralston as Lord Capulet
Josie Burgen Lawson as Lady Capulet
Lee Millman as the Nurse
Charles Nelson as the Prince
J.C. Long as Musician, Page, Friar john and Servant
Bahama Lynch as Musician(Harp) ad Servant


The Tempest
January 6- February 10, 2001
Co-Directed by Jeffrey Watkins as and Tim Habeger

The Cast
Jeffrey Watkins as Prospero
Daniel Pettrow as Ariel
Trent Merchant as Caliban
Melanie Colvert as Miranda
Maurice Ralston as Trinculo
Charles Nelson as Antonio
Peter Haloulos as Alonso
Fleet Cooper as Stephano, Mariner, Reaper/Nymph
John Fischer as Ferdinand
Leslie Hull as Cerces
J.C. Long as Adrian/Francisco, Boatswain
Bahama Lynch as Iris
Marc McPherson as Gonzalo
Neil Necastro as Sebastian
Sandra Sparks as Juno


A Christmas Carol
by, Charles Dickens
December 21-24, 2000
Directed by Dikran Tulaine

The Cast
Dikran Tulaine
Maurice Ralston
Fleet Cooper
Araxi Utidjian
Sandra Sparks
J.C. Long


Antony & Cleopatra
November 8- December 17, 2000
Directed by, Jeff Watkins

The Cast
Dikran Tulaine as Mark Antony
Agnes Lucinda Harty as Cleopatra
Jen Apgar as Charmian
Jennifer Akin as Octavia and Iras
David Harrell as Octavius and Lucillius
Maurice Ralston as Enobarbus and Seleucus
Randy Cohlmia as Lepidus Rannius, Camidius and Diomedes
Stuart McDaniel as Pompey and Decretas
J.C. Long as Eros, Ventidius and Proculeius
Fleet Cooper as Phil, Maecenas and Dolabella
Neil Necastro as Mardian and Agrippa
Marc McPherson as Alexas, Scarus and Varrius
Charles Nelson as Demetrius, Menas, Taurus and Thidias
Drew Reeves as Soothsayer, Menecrates and Clown
Sandra Sparks as Musician


Doctor Faustus
by Christopher Marlowe
Adaptation by Jeff Watkins
October 7-29, 2000

Directed by Jeff Watkins

The Cast
Dikran Tulaine as Doctor Faustus
Daniel Pettrow as Mephistophiles

The Taming of the Shrew
September 2000
Directed by, Tim Habeger

The Cast

Annmarie Benedict* as Katherina, the shrew, daughter to Baptista
Daniel Pettrow* as Petruchio, a gentleman to Verona, suitor to Kate
Frank Roberts as Baptista, a rich gentleman of Padua
Jennifer Akin as Bianca, Daughter to Baptista and Serving Woman, servant to Pertruchio
Britt Whittle as Lucentio, son to Vincentio, in love with Bianca
Neil Necastro as Hortensio, suitor to Bianca
Eric Brooks as Gremio, suitor to Bianca
Al Stilo as Vincentio, an old Gentleman of Pisa and Curtis, servant to Petruchio
Troy Willis as Tranio, servant to Lucentio
Marc McPherson* as Grumio, servant to Petruchio
Tony Brown as Pedant and Tailor
Stuart McDaniel as Biondello, servant to Lucentio
Leslie Hull as Widow, Haberdasher and Serving woman, servant to Baptista
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