2001-2002 Season

Please note the season listing goes from the end to the beginning.

The Comedy of Errors
May 25-June 30, 2002
Directed by Tony Brown

The Cast
Dikran Tulaine as Solinus, Duke of Ephesus and Pinch
Tony Brown as Egeon, Merchant of Syracuse and Luce
Jeff Watkins as Antipholus of Ephesus
Justin Welborn as Dromio of Ephesus
Kyle Crew as Antipholus of Syracuse
Marc McPherson as Dromio of Syracuse
Tommi Funderburk as Adriana, wife to Antipholus of Ephesus
Karla Droge as Luciana, Adriana’s sister
Eric Brooks as Merchant
Larry Davis as Balthazar, Messenger, Servant and Merchant
J.C. Long as Jailer and Headsman
Bahama Lynch as Courtesan and Courtier
Jackie Prucha as Abbess and Courtier
Winslow Thomas as Angelo and Servant

April 18-May 19, 2002
Directed by Jeff Watkins

The Cast
Myron West as Othello
Drew Reeves as Iago
Peter Hauenstein as Cassio
Maurice Ralston as Roderigo
Caroline Masclet as Desdemona
Laura Cole as Emilia
Lily Yancey as Bianca
Doug Kaye as Brabantio
Troy Willis as the Duke of Vienna, Gratiano
Luis Hernandez as Lodovico
Zach Dietrich as Montano
Rick Jackson as Messenger and Attendant


The Crucible
By Arthur Miller
March 14-April 7, 2002
Directed by Jeff Watkins

The Cast
Hugh Adams as John Proctor
Jennifer Akin as Elizabeth Proctor
Jane Bass as Rebecca Nurse
Tony Brown as Thomas Putnam
Becky Cormier as Mercy Lewis
Melissa DaPonte as Betty Parris
Zach Dietrich as Marshal Herrick
Lauren Dollar as Susanna Walcott
Peter Haloulos as Judge Hathorne
Betty Hart as Tituba
Richard Herren as Francis Nurse
Doug Kaye as Giles Corey
Charles Nelson as Ezekiel Cheever
Chris Paul as Reverend Hale
Jackie Prucha as Ann Putnam and Sarah Good
Maurice Ralston as Reverend Parris
Frank Roberts as Danforth
Elizabeth Diane Wells as Abigail Williams
Lily Yancey as Mary Warren


Romeo and Juliet
February 9- March 3, 2002
Directed and Choreographed by Drew Reeves

The Cast
Eamon Glennon as Romeo
Elizabeth Diane Wells* as Juliet
Justin Welborn as Mercutio
Charles Nelson as Benvolio
Jackie Prucha as the Nurse
Christopher Paul* as Lord Capulet
Jennifer Akin as Lady Capulet
Zach Dietrich as Tybalt
Doug Kaye* as Friar Lawrence
Maurice Ralston* as Paris and Sapson
Stephen King as Paris’ Page, Gregory and Peter
Jerome Fulford as Montague
Bahama Lynch as Lady Montague and Musician
Kyle Crew as the Prince and Friar John
Robert Sanders as Abraham and Musician
Debbie McGriff as a Party Guest


January 5- February 3, 2002
Directed by, Jeff Watkins

The Cast
Peter Hauenstein* as Hamlet
Maurice Ralston* as Claudius
Josie Burgin Lawson* as Gertrude
Doug Kaye* as Polonius and a Gravedigger
Jennifer Akin as Ophelia
Drew Reeves as Horatio and Laertes Understudy
Charles Nelson as Laertes and a Player
Christopher Paul* as the Ghost of Hamlet’s Father, Messenger and Priest
Eamon Glennon as Rosencrantz, Cornelius and a Gentleman
Justin Welborn as Guildenstern, Fransisco and Gentleman
Tony Brown as a Player (King), Bernardo and Osric
Nathan Mobley as a Player (Queen), Voltemand, Reynalso and Fortinbras
Eric Brooks as a Player, Gravedigger and Marcellus
Matthew Trautwein as Horatio Understudy


A Christmas Carol
by, Charles Dickens
December 7-23, 2001
Directed by Dikran Tulaine

The Story Tellers
Dikran Tulaine*
Maurice Ralston*
Marc McPherson*
Araxi Djian*
Tony Brown


Measure for Measure
November 8- December 2, 2001
Directed by Tim Habeger

The Cast
Dikran Tulaine* as the Duke
Jeff Watkins as Angelo
Jen Apgar as Isabella
Frank Roberts as Escalus
Justin Welborn as Claudio
Maurice Ralston* as Lucio
Nathan Mobley as Provost
Zach Dietrich as Friar Peter Thomas and Abhorson
Tony Brown as Elbow and Barnadine
Donald Glover as Froth
Marc McPherson* as Pompey
Caroline Masclet as Mariana
Lauren Dollar as Juliet
Joanna Daniel as Fransisca and Mistress Overdone


The Turn of the Screw  
by, Henry James
October 6-28, 2001
Adaptation by Jeffrey Hatcher
Directed by Jeff Watkins

The Cast
Agnes Harty
Maurice Ralston
Peter Hauenstein on piano


The Merry Wives of Windsor 
September 1-30, 2001
Directed by Jeff Watkins

The Cast
Tony Brown as Falstaff
Laura Cole as Mistress Ford

Jennifer Akin as Mistress Page
Hugh Adams as Master Ford
Theron Schmidt as Fenton
Marc McPherson as Shallow
Zach Dietrich as Slender
Charles Nelson as Master Page
Chris Paul as Sir Hugh Evans
Brik Berkes as Doctor Caius
Randy Cohlmia as Host of the Garter
Jeffrey Zwartjes as Bardolf
Drew Reeves as Pistol
Marcus Durham as Nym
Matthew Trautwein as Simple
Stephen King as Rugby
Becky Cormier as Anne Page
Leslie Hull as Mistress Quickly
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