2002-2003 Season

Please note the season listing goes from the end to the beginning.


Twelfth Night
May 16- June 29, 2003
Directed by Jeff Watkins

Hugh Adams as Malvolio and a sailor
Jeff McKerley as Feste the Clown
Jennifer Akin as Olivia
Laura Cole as Viola
Drew Reeves as Sebastian and a sailor
Brik Berkes as Orsino
Marc McPherson as Andrew Aguecheek
Maurice Ralston as Toby Belch
Patrick Wood as a Sea Captain, Officer and musician
Melaine Colvert Walker as Maria
Joey Cleary as Valentine, Officer, Priest
Zach Deitrich as Fabian
David Weber as Antonio


The Sacred and the Profane Repertory:

The Sacred: Murder in the Cathedral by T.S. Eliot
Directed by Wesley Usher
April 10 - May 11, 2003

Thomas Becket Chris Kayser*
Male Trinity Peter Hauenstein*
Female Trinity Hope Mirlis
Child Trinity Tessa Edmondson
Priest #1 Nevin Miller
Priest #2 Tony Brown
Priest #3 Charles Holmes
Tempter #1 Geoff Uterdardt
Tempter #2 Clint Thornton
Tempter #3 Anthony Irons
Tempter #4 Brian Mercer
Woman of Canterbury #1 Valerie Payton*
Woman of Canterbury #2 Shellie Sims
Woman of Canterbury #3 Becky Cormier
Woman of Canterbury #4 Nancy Riggs
Woman of Canterbury #5 Pat Bell
Woman of Canterbury #6 Jackie Prucha
Messenger Nancy Riggs

The Profane: Salomé by Oscar Wilde
Directed by Drew Reeves
April 18 - May 10, 2003, Fridays and Saturdays at 11 PM only


Jeff Watkins as Herod Antipas, Tetrarch of Judea
Peter Hauenstein as Jokanaan, The Prophet (John the Baptist)
David Weber as the Young Syrian, Captain of the Guard
Chris Kayser as Tigellinus, a Roman
Brian Bremer as A Cappodocian
Zach Dietrich as First Soldier
Ismail ibn Connor as Second Soldier
Lily Yancey as The Page of Herodias
Tony Brown as a Jew
Valerie Payton as a Jew
Geoff Uterhardt as a Jew
Anthony Irons as Nazarene
Nevin Miller as a Slave
Joanna Daniel as Herodias, Wife of the Tetrarch
Barbara Cole as Salomé, Daughter of Herodias


Julius Caesar
March 7- April 6, 2003
Directed by Dikan Tulaine

Patrick Wood as Caesar
Justin Welborn as Cassius
Marc McPherson as Brutus
Kevin Stillwell as Antony
Doug Kaye as Soothsayer
Maurice Ralston as Decius Brutus
Stephano Andreas as Casca
Ismail Ibn Connor as Falvius, Trebonius and Pindarus
David Webber as Young Cato, Popilius Lena
Angele Masters as Cinna the Poet, Mettelus, Voluminus
Stuart McDaniel as Murellus, Artemidorus
Berny Clark as Cobbler, Messala
Brian Bremer as Cicero, Publius, Lucilius
Deborah Bloodworth as Calphurnia
Hillary Bolle as Portia
Ethan Ealy as Ligarius, Lepidus


Romeo and Juliet
Feb 11-March 2, 2003
Director: Drew Reeves

The Cast
Elizabeth Wells as Juliet
Eamon Glennon as Romeo
Doug Kaye as Friar Lawrence
Justin Wellborn as Mercutio
Zach Dietrich as Benvolio
Charles Nelson as Tybalt
Jeffrey Zwartjes as Peter,
Justin Welborn as Gregory
Maurice Ralston as Lord Capulet
Jennifer Akin as Lady Capulet
Jackie Prucha as the Nurse
Kyle Crew as the Prince and Friar John
 Joshua Howland as Paris
Troy Willis as Lord Montague
Robert Sanders as Abraham and Musician
Bahama Lynch as Lady Montague and Musician (Harp)



A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim.
Book by Burt Shevelove and Larry Gelbart
January 3  – February 9, 2003
Directed by: Heidi Cline 
Music Direction by: Peter Hauenstein 

The Cast
Senex, an old man........ Tony Brown
Domina, his wife..... Valerie Payton
Hero, his son, in love with Philia. Brandon O'Dell
Hysterium, slave to Senex and Domina Jeff McKerley
Pseudolus, slave to Hero.. Clark Taylor
Erronius, an old man....... Drew Reeves
Miles Gloriosus, a warrior. Danny Cook
Lycus, a buyer and seller of courtesans. Jeff Watkins
Tintinabula, a courtesan.. Natalie Gray
Panacea, a courtesan Becky Cormier
The Geminae, courtesans....... Samantha Bentley, Meg McGarry
Vibrata, a courtesan Kristen Keating
Gymnasia, a courtesan Sandra Benton
Philia, a virgin........... Viveka Chandrasekaran
The Proteans………....... Charles Holmes, Matthew Trautwein, Kelley Yearout, Luis Hernandez
Pianist... Karen Huckabee
Percussionist. Michael Guss
The Musicians …………………..Matthew  Trautwein, Charles Holmes, Becky Cormier, Kelley Yearout



A Christmas Carol
By Charles Dickens
Directed by Dikran Tulaine
December 11-22, 2002

The Storytellers
Fleet Cooper
Marc McPherson
Maurice Ralston
Hillary Bolle

All’s Well that Ends Well
Directed by Jeff Watkins
November 8-December 8, 2003

The Cast
Bill Griffith as French King, Duke of Florence
Joanna Daniel as Countess
Melanie Colvert as Helena
Peter Hauenstein as Bertram
Tony Brown as Lafew
Maurice Ralston as Parolles
Nathan Mobley as French Lord G
Stuart McDaniel as French Lord E
Troy Willis as Rinaldo
Marc McPherson as Lavatch, a clown
Jane Bass as Old Widow
Rebecca Dutton as Diana
Brandallyn Williams as Mariana
Joey Cleary as Soldier and Messenger

Directed by Drew Reeves
October 4-November 3, 2002

The Cast
Jeff Watkins as Macbeth
Jennifer Akin as Lady Macbeth
Maurice Ralston as Witch #2 and Macduff
Kyle Crew as Banquo and Seyton
Charles Nelson as Malcolm and Witch #1
Laura Cole as Witch #1, Donalbain, Murderer #3 and Macduff’s Lady
Marc McPherson as Witch #1, Porter, Murderer #1 and the Doctor
Zach Dietrich as Ross, Menteth and Witch #2
Winslow Thomas as Lenox and Angus
Daniel Burnley as Duncan, Old Man, Witch #3, Murderer #3 and Siward
Jason Meinhardt as Bleeding Captain, Murderer #2 and Cathness
Amee Vyas as Fleance, Young Macduff and Gentlewoman

The Taming of the Shrew
August 30-Sept 29, 2002
Directed by Jeff Watkins

The Cast
Laura Cole as Katherina, the shrew, daughter to Baptista
Brik Berkes* as Petruchio, a gentleman to Verona, suitor to Kate
Tony Brown as Baptista, a rich gentleman of Padua and the Tailor
Jennifer Akin as Bianca, Daughter to Baptista and Serving Woman, servant to Pertruchio
Charles Nelson* as Lucentio, son to Vincentio, in love with Bianca
Drew Reeves as Hortensio, suitor to Bianca
Eric Brooks as Gremio, suitor to Bianca
Kyle Crew as Vincentio, an old Gentleman of Pisa and Curtis, servant to Petruchio
Troy Willis as Tranio, servant to Lucentio
Marc McPherson* as Grumio, servant to Petruchio
Maurice Ralston* as Pedant
Stuart McDaniel as Biondello, servant to Lucentio
Leslie Hull as Widow, Haberdasher and Serving woman, servant to Baptista


The August Threepeat:
August 2-25, 2002

Measure for Measure
The Cast
Dikran Tulaine* as the Duke
Jeff Watkins as Angelo
Jen Apgar as Isabella
Christopher Paul as Escalus
Justin Welborn as Claudio
Maurice Ralston* as Lucio
Nathan Mobley as Provost
Zach Dietrich as Friar Peter Thomas and Abhorson
Tony Brown as Elbow and Barnadine
Donald Glover/Drew Reeves as Froth
Marc McPherson* as Pompey
Caroline Masclet as Mariana
Lauren Dollar as Juliet
Jackie Prucha as Fransisca and Mistress Overdone


The Merry Wives of Windsor

The Cast
Tony Brown as Falstaff
Laura Cole as Mistress Ford
Jennifer Akin as Mistress Page
Hugh Adams as Master Ford
Larry Davis as Fenton
Marc McPherson as Shallow
Zach Dietrich as Slender
Charles Nelson as Master Page
Chris Paul as Sir Hugh Evans
Brik Berkes as Doctor Caius
Randy Cohlmia as Host of the Garter
Jeffrey Zwartjes as Bardolf
Drew Reeves as Pistol
lMarcus Durham as Nym
Matthew Trautwein as Simple
Maurice Ralston as Rugby
Becky Cormier as Anne Page
Leslie Hull as Mistress Quickly


Comedy of Errors

Dikran Tulaine as Solinus, Duke of Ephesus and Pinch
Tony Brown as Egeon, Merchant of Syracuse and Luce
Jeff Watkins as Antipholus of Ephesus
Justin Welborn as Dromio of Ephesus
Kyle Crew as Antipholus of Syracuse
Marc McPherson as Dromio of Syracuse
Tommi Funderburk as Adriana, wife to Antipholus of Ephesus
Karla Droge as Luciana, Adriana’s sister
Eric Brooks as Merchant
Larry Davis as Balthazar, Messenger, Servant and Merchant
Matthew Trautwein as Jailer and Headsman
Bahama Lynch as Courtesan and Courtier
Jackie Prucha as Abbess and Courtier
Winslow Thomas as Angelo and Servant
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