2005-2006 Season

Please note the season listing goes from the end to the beginning.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)
June 29-August 6, 2006
Directed by Maurice Ralston

Written by Adam Long, Daniel Singer, Jess Winfield (and William Shakespeare)
Directed by Maurice Ralston
Produced through special arrangement with Broadway Play Publishing Inc. The script to this play may be purchased from B P P I at http://www.BroadwayPlayPubl.com

Tony Brown*
Paul Hester*
Jeff McKerley*
Understudy: Maurice Ralston*

The Fantasticks

Book and Lyrics by Tom Jones; Music by Harvey Schmidt
May 11-June 25
Directed by Heidi Cline

Luisa - Dena Hall
Matt - Brandon O'Dell
Hucklebee - Doug Kaye*
Bellomy - Tony Brown
The Mute - Becky Cormier
El Gallo - Jeff McKerley*
Henry - Jeff Watkins*
Mortimer - Dolph Amick
Musicians - Clarke Weigle, Becky Cormier, Jeff Watkins*, Dolph Amick, Susan Ottzen, John Khaleefa, S. Renee Clark, Liesl Tison
Understudy for Matt - Matthew Felten


The Glass Menagerie
by Tennessee Williams
April 13-May 7
Directed by Drew Reeves

Tom Wingfield - Jeff McKerley*
Amanda Wingfield - Jackie Prucha*
Laura Wingfield - Jennifer Akin*
Jim O'Connor, the gentleman caller - Maurice Ralston*
Musician - J.C. Long

A Midsummer Night's Dream
March 9-April 9, 2006
Directed by Drew Reeves

Theseus, Duke of Athens - Maurice Ralston*
Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, betrothed to Theseus - Amee Vyas
Egeus, father of Hermia - Tony Brown
Hermia, daughter of Egeus, in love with Lysander - Becky Cormier
Helena, in love with Demetrius - Mary Russell
Lysander, in love with Hermia - Joshua Howland
Demetrius, in love with Hermia - J.C. Long
Attendants on Theseus and Hippolyta - Tracy Jo Jungbauer, Joshua Fargason, Kirk Seaman, Matt Nitchie
Oberon, King of the Fairies - Maurice Ralston*
Titania, Queen of the Fairies - Amee Vyas
Puck, or Robin Goodfellow - Drew Reeves
Fairies - Jeff McKerley*, Troy Willis*, Kirk Seaman
Peaseblossom, fairy attendant on Titania - Tony Brown
Cobweb, fairy attendant on Titania - Matt Nitchie
Moth, fairy attendant on Titania - Joshua Fargason
Mustardseed, fairy attendant on Titania - Tracy Jo Jungbauer
Quince, a carpenter - Troy Willis*
Snug, a joiner - Joshua Fargason
Bottom, a weaver - Jeff McKerley*
Flute, a bellows-mender - Kirk Seaman
Snout, a tinker - Tracy Jo Jungbauer
Starveling, a tailor - Matt Nitchie
Bottom Understudy - Jeff Watkins (March 16 & 17)
Puck Understudy - Matthew Felten
Oberon/Theseus Understudy - Paul Hester


Romeo and Juliet
Feb 9-March 5, 2006
Directed by Jeff Watkins

Romeo - Matthew Felten
Juliet - Amee Vyas
Mercutio - Drew Reeves*
Benvolio - Nicholas Faircloth
Tybalt - Paul Hester
Capulet - Tony Brown
Lady Capulet - Jane Bass
Nurse - Jackie Prucha*
Friar Lawrence - Doug Kaye*
Prince - Troy Willis*
Paris - Joshua Fargason
Lord Montague - Tony Falcitelli
Lady Montague - Bahama Lynch
Sampson - Drew Reeves*
Abram - Kelly Criss
Peter - Tony Falcitelli
Gregory - Ray Hilton
Balthasar - Kelly Criss
Friar John - Troy Willis*
Paris' Page - Ray Hilton
Musician - Bahama Lynch
A Montague - Joshua Fargason
First Watch - Nicholas Faircloth
Second Watch - Paul Hester
Potpan - Ray Hilton
Third Watch - Drew Reeves*
Party Guests - Debbie McGriff*, Troy Willis*, Kelly Criss
Servant - Doug Kaye*, Bahama Lynch
Understudies - J.C. Long (Tybalt, 2nd Watch), Daniel Parvis (Watch), Jennifer Morris (Watch)


The Merchant of Venice
Directed by Jeff Watkins

January 5 - February 5, 2006

Duke of Venice - Barry Stewart Mann*
Portia, a rich heiress of Belmont - Claire Christie
Nerissa, her gentlewoman - Bahama Lynch
Prince of Morocco, suitor to Portia - Barry Stewat Mann*
Prince of Arragon, suitor to Portia - David Weber
Antonio, a merchant of Venice - Troy Willis*
Bassanio, his friend, suitor to Portia - Paul Hester
Solanio, friend to Antonio and Bassanio - Drew Reeves*
Salerino, friend to Antonio and Bassanio - Tony Brown
Gratiano, friend to Antonio and Bassanio - J.C. Long
Lorenzo, in love with Jessica - Matthew Felten
Shylock, a moneylender and a Jew - Doug Kaye*
Tubal, a Jew, his friend - Barry Stewart Mann
Jessica, daughter to Shylock - Rachel Lee
Launcelot Gobbo, Shylock's servant - Kirk Harris Seaman
Old Gobbo, his father - Doug Kaye*
Servant - Andrew Houchins
Portia Understudy - Veronika Duerr (Jan. 26-Feb. 5)
Launcelot Gobbo Understudy - Andrew Houchins

A Christmas Carol
by Charles Dickens
Directed by Tony Brown

December 9 - 23, 2005

Scrooge - Drew Reeves*
Young Scrooge - Jeff McKerley*
Bob Cratchit - Matthew Trautwein
Mrs. Cratchit - Rivka Chaya Levin*
Martha Cratchit - Becky Cormier
Peter Cratchit & Tiny Tim - Matt Felten
Jacob Marley - Jeff McKerley*
Ghost of Christmas Present - Kirk Seaman
Ghost of Christmas Past - Matt Felten
Business Men - Jeff McKerley*, Kirk Seaman, Matthew Trautwein
Solicitors - Kirk Seaman, Paul Hester
Belle - Becky Cormier
Belle's Husband - Kirk Seaman
Fezziwig - Kirk Seaman
Mrs. Fezziwig - Rivka Chaya Levin*
Fan - Becky Cormier
Topper - Paul Hester
Fred - Jeff McKerley*
Fred's wife - Becky Cormier
Mrs. Dilber - Rivka Chaya Levin*
Understaker's Man - Matthew Trautwein
Boy - Matt Felten
Old Joe - Kirk Seaman
Laundress & Servant - Becky Cormier
Fiddler - Matthew Trautwein
Caroler - Becky Cormier

November 3-December 4, 2005

Directed by Tony Brown

Cymbeline, King of Britain - Maurice Ralston*
The Queen, Cymbeline's second wife - Heidi Cline
Imogen, Cymbeline's daughter by his first wife - Veronika Duerr
Cloten, son to the Queen by a former husband - Kirk Seaman
Posthumus Leonatus, a gentleman, Imogen's husband - David Weber
Helen, a lady attending on Imogen - Erin Considine
Belarius, a banished lord, disguised under the name Morgan - Doug Kaye*
Guiderius, Cymbeline's true son, disguised under the name Polydore - J.C. Long
Arviragus, Cymbeline's true son, disguised under the name Cadwal - Nevin Miller
Philaria, Italian friend to Posthumus - Laura Cole
Iachimo, an Italian - Drew Reeves
A French gentleman, friend to Philaria - Jeff McKerley*
Caius Lucius, General of the Roman forces - Jeff McKerley*
Sicilius Leonatus - Troy Willis*
Captains - Kevin Swisher, Marcus Durham, Kirk Seaman, Jeffrey Zwartjes
Soldiers - Heidi Cline, Laura Cole, Paul Hester, Matthew Trautwein, Troy Willis*, Matthew Felten, Erin Considine, Matthew Hamner
A Lady - Laura Cole
Pisanio, servant to Posthumus - Jeffrey Zwartjes
Cornelius, a physician - Matthew Trautwein
Jupiter, an apparition - Marcus Durham
The Leonati, apparitions - Laura Cole, Troy Willis*, Paul Hester, Matthew Felten
Lords - Matthew Hamner, Doug Kaye*, Troy Willis*, Matthew Trautwein, Marcus Durham
Goaler - Kevin Swisher
Soothsayer - Heidi Cline
Dutchman - Matthew Felten
Spaniard - Paul Hester
Brothers - Matthew Felten, Paul Hester
Musicians - J.C. Long, Becky Cormier, Rivka Chaya Levin
Messengers - Matthew Hamner, Nevin Miller
Understudies - Rachel Lee, Andrew Houchins


The Two Gentlemen of Verona

October 6-30, 2005

Directed by
Laura Cole

Valentine, a Gentleman from Verona - Kirk Harris Seaman
Proteus, a Gentleman from Verona - Paul Hester
Speed, a servant to Valentine - Tony Brown
Julia, a lady of Verona loved by Proteus - Amee Vyas
Lucetta, Julia's waiting-woman - Bahama Lynch
Antonio, father to Proteus - Doug Kaye*
Panthino, a servant to Antonio - Drew Reeves
Silvia, the Duke's daughter, loved by Valentine - Claire Christie
Launce, a servant to Proteus - Jeff McKerley*
Thurio, a foolish rival to Valentine - David Weber
Duke of Milan, father to Silvia - Doug Kaye*
Host of Julia in Milan - Troy Willis*
Sir Eglamour, a Knight and agent for Silvia in her escape - Daniel Parvis
Outlaws - Jeff McKerley*, Bahama Lynch, Jennifer Morris, Drew Reeves
Courtiers - Drew Reeves, Daniel Parvis, Jennifer Morris
Ursula - Jennifer Morris
Musicians - Daniel Parvis, Jennifer Morris, Bahama Lynch, Jeff McKerley*, Tony Brown
Crab, the Dog - Little Georgie No Tail


Julius Caesar
September 1-October 2, 2005

Directed by Drew Reeves

Julius Caesar: Maurice Ralston*
Calphurnia, wife to Caesar: Laura Cole
Octavius Caesar, his great-nephew: J.C. Long
Marc Antony, triumvir after Julius Caesar's death: David Weber
Lepidus, triumvir after Julius Caesar's death: Kevin Swisher
Cicero, Senator: Jeff McKerley*
Publius, Senator: Doug Kaye*
Popilius Lena, Senator: J.C. Long
Marcus Brutus, principle conspirator: Matt Nitchie
Portia, wife to Brutus: Jessica Hunt
Caius Cassius, principle conspirator: Paul Hester
Casca, conspirator: Matthew Felten
Trebonius, conspirator: Zach Dietrich
Ligarius, conspirator: Kirk Seaman
Decius Brutus, conspirator: Nicholas Faircloth
Metellus Cimber, conspirator: Jeffrey Zwartjes
Cinna, conspirator: Kevin Swisher
Flavius, tribune: Doug Kaye*
Murellus, tribune: Tony Falcitelli
Artemidorus, a sophist: Tony Falcitelli
A Soothsayer: Tony Brown
Cinna, the poet: Jeffrey Zwartjes
Another poet: Doug Kaye*
Lucilius, friend to Brutus and Cassius: Zach Dietrich
Titinus, friend to Brutus and Cassius: Nicholas Faircloth
Messala, friend to Brutus as Cassius: Kirk Seaman
Young Cato, friend to Brutus and Cassius: Matthew Felten
Volunmnius, friend to Brutus and Cassius: Kevin Swisher
Cobbler: Jeff McKerley*
Carpenter: Kevin Swisher
Servants: Laura Cole, Doug Kaye*, Jeff McKerley*, Kirk Seaman, Jeffrey Zwartjes, Josh Fargason, Jessica Hunt
Octavius' Army: Maurice Ralston*, Laura Cole, Jessica Hunt, Josh Fargason, Tony Brown, Tony Falcitelli
Plebieans: Laura Cole, Jessica Hunt, Josh Fargason, J.C. Long, Matt Felten, Tony Brown, Jeffrey Zwartjes, Nick Faircloth, Zach Dietrich, Tony Falcitelli, Doug Kaye*, Kevin Swisher, Kirk Seaman
Commoners: Josh Fargason, J.C. Long, Jeffrey Zwartjes, Zach Dietrich, Kirk Seaman


The August Threepeat
As You Like It, Hamlet, The Tempest
August 4-28, 2005

August 13, 14, 19, 25, 28

Directed by
Drew Reeves

Hamlet: Matthew Felten
Claudius: Troy Willis*
Gertrude: Laura Cole
Polonius: Maurice Ralston*
Ophelia: Amee Vyas
Horatio: David Weber
Laertes: Nicholas Faircloth
The Ghost of Hamlet's Father: Kyle Crew
Rosincrance: Zach Dietrich
Guildensterne: Matt Nitchie
Players: Kyle Crew, Doug Kaye*, Paul Hester, Kevin Swisher , Nicholas Faircloth
Voltemand: Tony Brown
Reynaldo: Fortinbras Paul Hester
Clownes: Doug Kaye*, Tony Brown
Priest: Kyle Crew
Francisco: Gentleman Paul Hester
Marcellus: Kevin Swisher
Barnardo: Doug Kaye*
Osricke: Zach Dietrich
English Ambassador: Tony Brown
Sailors: Matt Nitchie, Kevin Swisher
Soldiers: Maurice Ralston*, Kyle Crew
Messenger: Doug Kaye*
Followers of Laertes: Kyle Crew, Kevin Swisher
Lords: Tony Brown, Paul Hester
Attendants: Guards Matt Nitchie, Kevin Swisher
Lady: Debbie McGriff

As You Like It
August 4, 5, 11, 20, 26

Directed by
Maurice Ralston

Duke, living in exile: Tony Brown*
Rosalind, the banished Duke's daughter: Laura Cole
Amiens, lord attending the banished Duke: Matthew Trautwein
Jaques, lord attending on the banished Duke: Drew Reeves
Frederick, the Duke's brother, usurper of his dominions: Tony Brown*
Celia, Frederick's daughter: Mary Russell
Le Beau, a courtier: Jeffrey Zwartjes
Charles, wrestler to Frederick: Nicholas Faircloth
Oliver, son to Sir Rowland de Boys: Troy Willis*
Jaques de Boys, his younger brother: Nicholas Faircloth
Orlando, the youngest brother: David Weber
Adam, Oliver's servant: Doug Kaye*
Denise, Oliver's servant: Kate Cella
Touchstone, Frederick's court jester: Jeff McKerley*
Sir Oliver Martex, a vicar: Jeff McKerley*
Corin, a shepherd: Jeffrey Zwartjes
Silvius, a shepherd: Kevin Swisher
Audrey, a country wench: Veronika Duerr
William, a country fellow, in love with Audrey: Nicholas Faircloth
Phebe, a shepherdess: Tracy Jo Jungbauer
Hymen: Doug Kaye*
Lords: Nicholas Faircloth, Veronika Duerr
Singer, Musician, Ensemble: Kate Cella
Silvius Understudy August 20 & 26: Paul Hester

The Tempest
August 6, 7, 12, 18, 21, 27
A part of The August Threepeat Repertory:

Directed by
Laura Cole

Prospero: Jeffrey Watkins
Ariel: Matthew Trautwein
Miranda: Amee Vyas
Caliban: Drew Reeves
Antonio, Prospero's brother, usurping Duke of Milan: Jeff McKerley*
Ferdinand, son to the King of Naples: Paul Hester
Trinculo, a jester: Maurice Ralston*
Adrian: David Weber
Francisco: Mary Russell
Stephano, a drunken butler: Troy Willis*
Alonso, King of Naples: Tony Brown
Sebastian, his brother: Matthew Felten
Gonzalo, an honest old councilor: Doug Kaye*
Master of a ship: Maurice Ralston*
Boatswain: Mary Russell
Mariners: David Weber, Troy Willis*, Drew Reeves, Veronika Duerr
Iris, a spirit: Tracy Jo Jungbauer
Ceres, a spirit: Mary Russell
Juno, a spirit: Veronika Duerr
Nymphs: Mary Russell, Tracy Jo Jungbauer
Reapers: Matthew Felten, David Weber, Drew Reeves, Kirk Seaman
Shapes: Tracy Jo Jungbauer, Paul Hester, Amee Vyas
Musicians: Kate Cella, Rivka Levin, Kirk Harris Seaman


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