2009-2010 Season

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) 2009

Show Roles

Aug 6 - Sept 6 2009
Andrew Houchins
Paul Hester
Tony Brown

As You Like It

Show Roles

Sept 10-Oct 11, 2009
Duke - J. Tony Brown*
Rosalind - Tiffany Porter
Amiens - Dolph Amick
Jaques - Drew Reeves*
Frederick - J. Tony Brown*
Celia - Mary Russell
Le Beau - Matt Felten
Charles, wrestler - Dolph Amick
Oliver - Maurice Ralston*
Jaques de Boys - Nicholas Faircloth
Orlando - Mike Niedzwiecki
Adam - Doug Kaye*
Dennis - Clarke Weigle
Touchstone - J.C. Long*
Sir Oliver Martex- Nicholas Faircloth
Corin - Maurice Ralston*
Silvius - Matt Felten
Audrey - Laura Cole
William - Dolph Amick
Phebe - Amee Vyas*
Hymen - Doug Kaye*

Richard III

Show Roles

Oct 15-Nov 22, 2009
King Edward IV – Matt Nitchie
Edward, Prince of Wales –David Sterritt
Richard, Duke of York – Jacob McKee/Patrick Dyer (shared role)
George, Duke of Clarence – Nicholas Faircloth
Richard III - Drew Reeves*
Henry, Earl of Richmond, - Matt Felten
Cardinal Bourchier – Nicholas Faircloth
Thomas Rotherham – Clarke Weigle
John Morton –David Sterritt
Another Archbishop – J. Tony Brown*
Duke of Buckingham – Andrew Houchins*
Duke of Norfolk – Nicholas Faircloth
Earl of Surrey – J. Tony Brown*
Earl Rivers - Daniel Kerr
Marquis of Dorset – David Sterritt
Lord Grey – Clarke Weigle
Earl of Oxford – Daniel Kerr
Lord Hastings – J. Tony Brown*
Lord Stanley – Troy Willis*
Lord Lovel – Brian Mayberry
Sir Richard Ratcliff –Mike Niedzwiecki
Sir William Catesby – Daniel Parvis
Sir James Tyrrel – Matt Nitchie
Sir James Blount –Clarke Weigle
Sir Walter Herbert – Brian Mayberry
Sir Robert Brakenbury – Matt Felten
Sir William Brandon – Matt Nitchie
Christopher Urswick, a priest – David Sterritt
Bishop – Mike Niedzwiecki
Lord Mayor of London – Matt Nitchie
Sheriff of Wiltshire – J. Tony Brown*
Elizabeth, Queen– Heidi Cline McKerley
Margaret – Laura Cole
Duchess of York – Josie Burgin Lawson
Lady Anne – Amee Vyas*
Dead Henry VI – Daniel Parvis
Scrivener – Nicholas Faircloth


Show Roles

October 29, 30, 31, Nov 1, 5 & 8, 2009

Duncan - J. Tony Brown*
Malcolm - Matt Felten
Donalbain - Amee Vyas*
Macbeth -Jeff Watkins
Banquo - Troy Willis*
Fleance - David Sterritt
Macbeth’s Lady - Tiffany Porter
Macduff - Matt Nitchie
Macduff’s Lady - Mary Russell
Lennox, Angus - Daniel Kerr
Ross, Menteith - Andrew Houchins*
Caithness - Troy Willis*
Siward - J. Tony Brown*
Young Siward - David Sterritt
The Weird Sisters - Amee Vyas*, Mary Russell, Brian Mayberry
Porter - Daniel Parvis
Old Man - J. Tony Brown*
Scottish Doctor - Mike Niedzwiecki
Murderers - Mike Niedzwiecki, Daniel Parvis
Gentlewoman - Amee Vyas*
Seyton - Brian Mayberry
Bleeding Captain - Mike Niedzwiecki

Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales Jan. 2010

Show Roles

Jan 1-31, 2010

Drew Reeves*
Nicholas Faircloth
Amee Vyas*
Maureen Yasko
Matt Felten
Laura Cole
Mike Niedzwiecki
Mary Russell
Rivka Levin*

Romeo and Juliet 2010

Show Roles

Feb 4-28, 2010
Romeo - Lee Osorio*
Juliet - Mary Russell
Mercutio - Daniel Parvis
Benvolio - Nicholas Faircloth
Tybalt - Mike Niedzwiecki
Capulet - Troy Willis*
Capulet’s Lady - Josie Burgin Lawson
Nurse - Jane Bass
Friar Lawrence - Doug Kaye*
Prince - Jeffrey Stephenson
Paris -Matt Felten
Montague - Clarke Weigle
Montague’s Lady - Katie Wine
Sampson - Daniel Parvis
Abram - Daniel Kerr
Peter - Clarke Weigle
Gregory - Doug Kaye*
Balthasar - Daniel Kerr
Friar John - Daniel Parvis
Appothecarie - Katie Wine
The Watch - Katie Wine (1st), Nicholas Faircloth (2nd), Mike Niedzwiecki (3rd)
Tybalt’s man (Petruchio) - Matt Felten
Mercutio’s man - Daniel Kerr
Party Guests - Debbie McGriff, Doug Kaye*, Katie Wine
Potpan - Daniel Kerr
Servants - Matt Felten, Jeffrey Stephenson
Citizens - Mary Russell, Jane Bass

King Lear March 2010

Show Roles

March 4-April 4, 2010
King Lear - Jeffrey Watkins
Cordelia - Mary Ruth Ralston
Goneril - Erin Considine
Regan - Laura Cole
King of France - Matt Felten
Duke ofAlbany - Drew Reeves*
Duke of Burgundy - Dan Brown
Duke of Cornwall - Mike Niedzwiecki
Earl of Kent - Troy Willis*
Earl of Gloucester - Doug Kaye*
Edgar, Gloucester’s Son - Daniel Parvis
Edmund, bastard son to Gloucester - Matt Nitchie
Curran - Dan Brown
Old Man, tenant to Gloucester - Clarke Weigle
Lear’s Fool - Mary Ruth Ralston
Oswald - Matt Felten
English Captain - Mike Niedzwiecki
English Soldiers - Matt Felten, Brian Mayberry
French Soldiers - Dan Brown, Jeffrey Stephenson, Sevawn Foster, Katie Wine
English Gentleman - Clarke Weigle
French Gentleman - Brian Mayberry
English Herald - Sevawn Foster
Burgundy’s Attendant - Clarke Weigle
France’s Attendant - Jeffrey Stephenson
Knights - Mike Niedzwiecki, Clarke Weigle, Dan Brown, Jeffrey Stephenson, Brian Mayberry, Doug Kaye*
Ladies - Katie Wine, Sevawn Foster
Servants - Katie Wine, Sevawn Foster, Jeffrey Stephenson, Drew Reeves*, Brian Mayberry, Clarke Weigle
Messenger - Sevawn Foster

The Taming of the Shrew April 2010

Show Roles

April 8-May 16, 2010

Katherina – Maureen Yasko
Petruchio - J. C. Long*
Baptista – Doug Kaye*
Bianca – Kelly Criss
Lucentio– Mike Niedzwiecki
Hortensio – Nicholas Faircloth
Gremio– J. Tony Brown*
Vincentio- Troy Willis*
Tranio – Daniel Parvis
Grumio – Matt Felten
Pedant – Clarke Weigle
Biondello – Andrew Houchins*
Widow - Sevawn Foster
Priest – Troy Willis*
Painter – Daniel Carter Brown
Curtis– Daniel Carter Brown
Haberdasher - J. Tony Brown*
Tailor - Troy Willis*
Conjurer – Matt Felten
Officer – Daniel Carter Brown
Poet- Troy Willis*
Model – Sevawn Foster
Minstrels – J.C. Long*, Clarke Weigle
*Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States

Ded Bob’s Shakespeare Comedy Spectacular!

Show Roles

May 20-30, 2010


Show Roles

June 5-27, 2010

Coriolanus – J.C. Long*
Titus Lartius – Matt Nitchie
Cominius – Troy Willis*
Menenius Agrippa – J. Tony Brown*
Sicinius Velutus – Drew Reeves*
Junius Brutus- Doug Kaye*
Volumnia – Joanna Daniel*
Virgilia – Becky Cormier Finch
Valeria – Laura Cole
Nicanor - Matt Nitchie
Tullus Aufidius - Andrew Houchins*
Adrian - Nicholas Faircloth

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States

Straight Up with a Twist: Jeff McKerley in Concert

Show Roles

July 1-3, 2010

Hamlet! The Musical!

Show Roles

July 8-Aug 8, 2010
Film Star (‘Hamlet’) – J.C. Long*
Aging Musician/Drug Dealer (‘Claudius’) – Travis Smith*
Washed-Up Backup Singer (‘Ophelia’) – Becky Cormier-Finch
Film Star’s Mother (‘Gertrude’) – Lynna Schmidt*
Street Musician (‘Polonius’) – Jeff McKerley*
Entertainment Correspondent (‘Laertes’) – Nick Arapoglou
Holy Dreadfuls Traveling Gospel Troupe: Renee Clark,Mark Schroeder, Maureen Yasko, Matt Nitchie
Film Star’s Runaway Father (‘Ghost of Hamlet’s Father’) – Clarke Weigle
Minions of the Afterlife (dancer chorus): KG Morton, Israel Hillery*, David Sterritt, Dan Brown
Blind Man Who Sees All – Jeff Watkins