2010-2011 Season

The August Threepeat: Taming of the Shrew, As You Like It and A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Show Roles

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
August 20, 26, 28 & September 3, 5, 9, 10, 11
Dramatis Personae
Theseus - Matt Nitchie
Hippolyta - Tiffany Porter
Egeus - Troy Willis
Hermia - Jaclyn Hofmann
Helena - Kelly Criss
Lysander - Matt Felten
Demetrius - Jacob York
Oberon - Matt Nitchie
Titania - Tiffany Porter
Puck - Daniel Parvis
Fairies - Jeffrey Stephenson, Drew Reeves*, Nicholas Faircloth
Peaseblossom - Troy Willis*
Cobweb - Mark Schroeder
Moth - Bryan Lee
Mustardseed - J. Tony Brown*
Quince - Drew Reeves*
Snug - J. Tony Brown
Bottom - Nicholas Faircloth
Flute - Jeffrey Stephenson
Snout - Bryan Lee
Starveling - Mark Schroeder
Philostrate - Daniel Parvis

As You Like It
August 14, 22, 29 & September 2
Dramatis Personae

Duke - J. Tony Brown*
Rosalind - Tiffany Porter
Amiens - Dolph Amick
Jaques - Drew Reeves*
Frederick - J. Tony Brown*
Celia - Mary Russell
Le Beau - Matt Felten
Charles the Wrestler - Dolph Amick
Oliver - Matt Nitchie
Jaques de Boys - Nicholas Faircloth
Orlando - Mike Niedzwiecki
Adam - Doug Kaye*
Dennis - Clarke Weigle
Touchstone - J.C. Long*
Sir Oliver Martex - Nicholas Faircloth
Corin - Matt Nitchie
Silvius - Matt Felten
Audrey - Laura Cole
William - Dolph Amick
Phebe - Amee Vyas*
Hymen - Doug Kaye*
Lords Clarke Weigle, Laura Cole, Nicholas Faircloth

The Taming of the Shrew
August 15, 21, 27 & September 4
Dramatis Personae

Katherina – Maureen Yasko
Petruchio - J. C. Long*
Baptista – Doug Kaye*
Bianca – Kelly Criss
Lucentio – Mike Niedzwiecki
Hortensio – Nicholas Faircloth
Gremio – J. Tony Brown*
Vincentio - Troy Willis*
Tranio – Daniel Parvis
Grumio – Matt Felten
Pedant – Clarke Weigle
Biondello – Andrew Houchins*
Widow - Sevawn Foster
Priest – Troy Willis*
Painter – Daniel Carter Brown
Curtis – Daniel Carter Brown
Haberdasher - J. Tony Brown*
Tailor - Troy Willis*
Conjurer – Matt Felten
Officer – Daniel Carter Brown
Poet- Troy Willis*
Model – Sevawn Foster
Servants - Doug Kaye*, Mike Niedzwiecki, Kelly Criss, J. Tony Brown*, Andrew Houchins*, Troy Willis*, Clarke Weigle, Daniel Carter Brown, Sevawn Foster
Minstrels – J.C. Long*, Clarke Weigle

Henry VIII and Anne of The Thousand Days, in repertory

Show Roles

Henry VIII:
October 2, 10, 16, 22, 24, 2010
Henry VIII – Troy Willis*
Anne Boleyn – Mary Russell
Katherine of Aragon – Laura Cole
Wolsey – J. Tony Brown*
Cardinal Campeius – Drew Reeves*
Capucius- Jeffrey Stephenson
Cranmer– Maurice Ralston*
Duke of Norfolk – Doug Kaye*
Duke of Buckingham – Maurice Ralston*
Duke of Suffolk – Clarke Weigle
Earl of Surrey – Matt Nitchie
Lord Chamberlain – John Curran
Lord Chancellor – Drew Reeves*
Gardiner – Daniel Parvis
Lord Abergavenny - Jeffrey Stephenson
Lord Sands - Daniel Parvis
Sir Thomas Lovell - Nicholas Faircloth
Sir Henry Guilford – Jeffrey Stephenson
Cromwell, in Wolsey’s service – Jonathan Horne
Griffith, gentleman-usher to the Queen Katherine – Drew Reeves*
Patience, Queen Katherine’s woman – Rivka Levin*
An old lady friend to Anne Boleyn – Jane Bass
Three gentlemen – Matt Nitchie, Jeffrey Stephenson, Nicholas Faircloth
Doctor Buts, physician to the King – Jeffrey Stephenson
Surveyor to the Duke of Buckingham – Matt Nitchie
Brandon – Drew Reeves*
Keeper/Porter- J. Tony Brown*
Porter’s Man – Nicholas Faircloth
Prologue/Epilogue Daniel Parvis
Musicians Clarke Weigle, Rivka Levin, Ensemble
Ladies: Rivka Levin*, Rachel Frawley
Party Guests, Guards, Secretaries, Messengers, Servants: Ensemble

September 30 & October 3, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 17, 21, 23
Henry VIII – Troy Willis*
Anne Boleyn – Mary Russell
Wolsey – J. Tony Brown*
Thomas Boleyn, John Houghton – Maurice Ralston*
Elizabeth Boleyn – Erin Considine
Norris – Nick Faircloth
Smeaton, Bishop Fisher – Daniel Parvis
Norfolk – Doug Kaye*
Cromwell – Andrew Houchins*
Thomas More – Matt Nitchie
Lord Percy, Earl of Northumberland – Matt Nitchie
Mary Boleyn – Rachel Frawley
Jane Seymore – Dani Herd
Bishop Fisher – Daniel Parvis
Madge Shelton – Rivka Levin*
Choir Boys – Kieron Cotter, Tommy Thomas


Show Roles

Oct 28-November 18, 2010
Duncan, King of Scotland - J. Tony Brown*
Malcolm, Duncan’s son - Paul Hester*
Donalbain, Duncan’s son - Amee Vyas*
Macbeth, Thane of Glamis - Jeff Watkins
Banquo, Thane of Scotland - Troy Willis*
Fleance, son to Banquo - David Sterritt
Macbeth’s Lady - Tiffany Porter
Macduff, Thane of Fife - Matt Nitchie
Macduff’s Lady - Mary Russell
Lennox - Daniel Kerr
Ross - Andrew Houchins*
Caithness - Troy Willis*
Siward - J. Tony Brown*
Young Siward - David Sterritt
The Weird Sisters - Amee Vyas*, Mary Russell, Brian Mayberry
Porter - Daniel Parvis
Old Man - J. Tony Brown*
Scottish Doctor - Nicholas Faircloth
Murderers - Nicholas Faircloth, Daniel Parvis
Gentlewoman - Amee Vyas*
Seyton - Brian Mayberry
Bleeding Captain - Nicholas Faircloth

Timon of Athens

Show Roles

Nov 4-28, 2010
Timon – Maurice Ralston*
Alcibiades – Travis Smith*
Flavius – Paul Hester*
Apemantus – Andrew Houchins*
Matt Nitchie
Daniel Parvis
Laura Cole
Troy Willis*
Kathryn Lawson
Kenneth Wigley
Eve Butler
Chris Rushing

Twelfth Night

Show Roles

Jan 1-30, 2011
Viola – Veronika Duerr*
Olivia – Mary Russell
Orsino – Andrew Houchins*
Feste – J.C. Long*
Malvolio – Jeff McKerley*
Sir Toby Belch – Nicholas Faircloth
Sir Andrew Aguecheek – Matt Nitchie
Maria – Katie Grace Morton
Curio – Daniel Parvis
Valentine – Stephen Hanthorn
Captain – Vinnie Mascola
Sailors – Jeff McKerley*, David Sterritt, Brian Mayberry
Antonio – Daniel Parvis
Sebastian – David Sterritt
Fabian – Brian Mayberry
Attendant – Vinnie Mascola
1st Officer – Stephen Hanthorn
2nd Officer – Vinnie Mascola
Priest – Vinnie Mascola
Musicians – J.C. Long*, Matt Nitchie

Romeo and Juliet Feb 2011

Show Roles

Feb 3-March 6, 2011
Juliet - Kelly Criss
Romeo - Matt Felten
Mercutio - J.C. Long*
Benvolio - Brian Mayberry
Tybalt - Daniel Parvis
Friar Lawrence - Jeff McKerley*
Friar John - William S. Murphey*
Lord Capulet - John Curran
Lady Capulet - Mary Saville
Prince - Matt Nitchie
Lord Montague - William S. Murphey*
Lady Montague - Rachel Frawley
Peter - William S. Murphey*
Paris - Jonathan Horne
Nurse - Josie Burgin Lawson
Abraham - Jeff McKerley*
Gregory - J.C. Long*
Sampson - Jonathan Horne
Balthasar - John Stephen King
Paris’ Page - Brian Mayberry
The Watch - Daniel Parvis, J.C. Long*, Rachel Frawley
Maskers - Jeff McKerley*, Rachel Frawley, Matt Nitchie
Servants -Rachel Frawley, Matt Nitchie, John Stephen King

The Two Noble Kinsmen & Edward III (In Repertory)

Show Roles

In repertory March 9-April 17, 2011
Edward III
King Edward III - Drew Reeves*
Edward, Prince of Wales, his son - Matt Felten
Earl of Warwick - J. Tony Brown*
Earl of Derby - Vinnie Mascola
Earl of Salisbury - Paul Hester*
Lord Audley - John Curran
Lord Percy - Stuart McDaniel
Lodwick, King Edward’s Secretary - Stuart McDaniel
Sir William Mountague - Stephen Hanthorn
Sir John Copland - Stuart McDaniel
Robert, Count of Artois - John Stephen King
Earl of Mountford - Stephen Hanthorn
Two English Esquires - Matt Nitchie, Troy Willis*
English Heralds - Mary Russell, J. Tony Brown*, Paul Hester*, Matt Nitchie
Gobin de Grey - Josie Burgin Lawson
John the Second, King of France - William S. Murphey*
Charles, Duke of Normandy, his son - Nicholas Faircloth
Philip, his second son - Stephen Hanthorn
Duke of Lorraine - Troy Willis*
Villiers, a French lord - Matt Nitchie
King of Bohemia - Stuart McDaniel
Citizens of Calais - J. Tony Brown*, Josie Burgin Lawson, John Stephen King
French Captain - Troy Willis*
Polonian Captain - Matt Nitchie
A French Mariner - Josie Burgin Lawson
Three French Heralds - Mary Russell, John Stephen King, Vinnie Mascola
Frenchmen - J. Tony Brown, Paul Hester*, Matt Nitchie
David the Second, King of Scotland - Matt Nitchie
Earl Douglas - Paul Hester*
Scottish Messenger - Nicholas Faircloth,
Philippe, Queen of England - Josie Burgin Lawson
Countess of Salisbury - Mary Russell
French Woman - Mary Russell

The Two Noble Kinsmen
Theseus, Duke of Athens - Andrew Houchins*
Pirithous, an Athenian General - Drew Reeves*
Artesius, an Athenian Captain - Nicholas Faircloth
Palamon - Daniel Parvis
Arcite - Matt Nitchie
Valerius - Stuart McDaniel
Bavian - Paul Hester*
Herald - Christopher Rushing
Jailer/Keeper - Winslow Thomas
Wooer to the Jailer’s Daughter - Paul Hester*
Doctor - Clarke Weigle
Brother to the Jailer - Stuart McDaniel
Friends to the Jailer - Christopher Rushing, Kenneth Wigley
Gerrold, a schoolmaster - Nicholas Faircloth
Hymen - Clarke Weigle
Hippolyta - Mary Saville
Emilia - Kathryn Lawson
Three Queens - Eve Butler, Erin Considine, Becky Cormier Finch
Jailer’s Daughter - Amee Vyas*
Nymph - Amee Vyas*
Executioner - Nicholas Faircloth
Boys - Daniel Parvis, Stuart McDaniel
Prologue/Epilogue - Stuart McDaniel
Country men - Stuart McDaniel, Christopher Rushing, Kenneth Wigley
Country women - Eve Butler, Becky Cormier Finch, Debra Peterson
Maid - Erin Considine
Messenger - Eve Butler
Taborer - Clarke Weigle
Woman - Debra Peterson
Musicians - Daniel Parvis, Matt Nitchie, Becky Cormier Finch, Debra Peterson, Clarke Weigle, Stuart McDaniel, Kenneth Wigley, Kathryn Lawson

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Show Roles

April 21-May 29, 2011
Theseus - Jonathan Horne
Hippolyta - Tiffany Porter
Egeus - Troy Willis
Hermia - Jaclyn Hofmann
Helena - Eliana Marianes
Lysander - Matt Felten
Demetrius - Paul Hester*
Oberon - Jonathan Horne
Titania - Tiffany Porter
Puck - Daniel Parvis
Fairies - Jeffrey Stephenson, Drew Reeves*, Nicholas Faircloth
Peaseblossom - Troy Willis*
Cobweb - Mark Schroeder
Moth - Bryan Lee
Mustardseed - J. Tony Brown*
Quince - Drew Reeves*
Snug - J. Tony Brown*
Bottom - Nicholas Faircloth
Flute - Jeffrey Stephenson
Snout - Bryan Lee
Starveling - Mark Schroeder
Philostrate - Daniel Parvis

Double Falsehood

Show Roles

June 2-12, 2011
Duke Angelo / Master of the Flocks – Daniel Parvis
Citizen – Jeff Watkins
Roderick/Gerald – Matt Felten
Henriquez – Jonathan Horne
Don Bernardo / Shepherd – Jacob York
Leonora/Maid / Shepherd – Kelly Criss
Camillo / 1st Gentleman – Clarke Weigle
Julio / Violante’s Servant – Nicholas Faircloth
Violante – Mary Russell