Buy Tickets From the 2009-2010 Season: Ded Bob’s Shakespeare Comedy Spectacular! Playing May 20, 2010 to May 30, 2010

$12 General Admission Preview Thursday May 20.

Clark Orwick as Ded Bob

Zombies Unite!

Hey, Audience!
It’s Ded Bob’s Shakespeare Comedy Spectacular!
Featuring The Ded Bob Sho and Two Shakespeare's Shorts all for your viewing pleasure.

Ded Bob: Insult comedian, unsuccessful hypnotist, gentle lover. This master of the macabre will “Bobmatize” you into enjoying a night full of magic, music and two of our hilarious "Shakespeare's Shorts." You do not want to miss this event!

Only 8 performances of this Elizabethan Vaudeville featuring music from Half Pint (2/3 of Three Quarter Ale), Magic from Artistic Director Jeff Watkins, all of Bob's antics, 2 Shakespeare's Shorts ("Shakespeare with all the boring parts removed!") and much much more!
Not suitable for a lot of people, but mostly kids under 12.

Watch an interview with Ded Bob here.

Club Member Vouchers valid May 20-23 & 27 only.

Join the cast and crew members for a Question and Answer session on Sunday May 23rd after the show!

Please note: Despite the 4 rating on the Bard-o-meter, this production is not suitable for kids under 12.

Director's Notes

Clark Orwick, the man, the myth, the smell. He was one of the original members of The Atlanta Shakespeare Company in the 1980's. He built the first Tavern stage when we moved into our current space 20 years ago. He created Ded Bob shortly thereafter and he has spent the past two decades performing his pseudo-ventriloquist act at Renaissance Faires all over the country. He got so popular he had to train other actors to play Ded Bob; he now only performs as Bob a few times a year. We are very happy he will once again be a part of the company for two weeks in May. Listen to a very-laid-back Clark tell the story of how Bob came to "death" here.

Ded Bob is a spicy-tongued skeleton who loves the ladies, singing parodies of famous songs, telling stories and making fun of dumb people. Find out more about him here.

In the late 80's, Clark and Artistic Director Jeff Watkins wrote what came to be known as the Shakespeare's Shorts: twenty-minute send-up versions of Shakespeare's most popular plays. As Jeff describes them: "It's like a couple of village idiots went to see a Shakespeare play, came back home and tried to perform what they saw for the other villagers. That's how we wrote them. The Reduced Shakespeare Company did the same thing and eventually created the very successful The Complete Works of William Shakespeare {abridged}. Man I could have made a lot of money if I had done what Clark suggested and taken the Shorts to college campuses all over the country. I'm sorry, Clark." The Shorts were performed to packed "houses" at the Georgia Renaissance Festival for a few seasons in the early 90's.

While only two of the Shorts will be performed during Ded Bob's Shakespeare Comedy Spectacular, we have a feeling you'll get to see them all performed on our stage in the near future.

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Act One - 60 minutes Act 2 - 60 minutes (Approx.)

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May 20-30, 2010

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Shows at The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse begin at 7:30pm, except on Sundays, when they begin at 6:30pm

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You may already know the story and what happens at the end. But even if you don’t, the play is light and the plot is easy to follow. Limited violence, limited bawdiness (see below). There are very few things – historical, religious, or political – that you need to know ahead of time. Just enjoy!

A note about bawdiness in Shakespeare: It exists. Despite what your English teacher taught you, Shakespeare wrote some pretty saucy lines and they pop up from time to time. While there is never any nudity on stage, our actors are trained to make the text clear. If we feel a show contains a plethora of Graphic Elizabethan Poetry (or is very bloody/violent/triggering) we will put that disclaimer in the blurb about the show. It won’t happen often. If this Bardometer lists a play as a 1 or 2, you can rest assured that it is an appropriate show for kids under ten.

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