Buy Tickets From the 2018-2019 Season: Henry the Eighth Playing June 01, 2019 to June 02, 2019

$15 General Admission Preview Thursday May 30, 2019
$20 General Admission Preview Friday May 31, 2019

Photo by Daniel Parvis

With the opening of Henry the Eighth, The Atlanta Shakespeare Company has officially completed performing Shakespeare’s entire canon for a second time.

Shakespeare’s History saga continues. Here we get to know Henry VIII as a virile young man bouncing between his loyal wife Catherine of Aragon and other women in his court. Full of grand pageantry, watch the coronation of Anne Boleyn and the christening of Elizabeth and listen to the famous speeches the noble Duke of Buckingham, the grotesque Cardinal Wolsey and Queen Catherine give as they all fall from grace.

Historical Note: During a performance of Henry VIII in 1613, a stage-cannon was fired which caused the thatched roof to catch fire and Shakespeare’s theatre burnt to the ground.

A part of The Shakespeare Evolution Series!

Join the cast and crew members for a lively Question and Answer session on Sunday June 2 after the show!

Celebrate our completion of the canon for a second time on Opening Night (June 1). We will have free hors d’oeuvres in the lobby before the show and a champagne toast with the cast and staff after. Dress as swanky as you want!

Join Orpheus Brewing for a free pre-show beer tasting for anyone coming to see Henry VIII on Friday, June 7th. An Orpheus Tasting Specialist will be featuring their new recipe of Transmigration of Souls and a brand new brew Choosers of the Slain. Tasting will be from 6:15-7:15pm.

Read the Plot Synopsis

Henry VIII Synopsis
Henry VIII dances with Anne Boleyn at Cardinal Wolsey’s London mansion, York Place. The Duke of Buckingham (Act II) is condemned to execution on a charge of high treason raised by Wolsey. At the inquiry into Henry’s marriage, Queen Katharine (also worked against by Wolsey), leaves the court at Blackfriars to “appeal unto the Pope”. Wolsey’s efforts to stop the King from marrying Anne are discovered, and more evidence of intrigue that will lead to his dismissal.

Secretly, the King marries Anne who (Act IV) is crowned Queen. Katharine (who has heard of the death of her enemy, Wolsey) dies at Kimbolton. Gardiner, malicious Bishop of Winchester, tries to bring down Cranmer, the new Archbishop of Canterbury (Act V), but the King intervenes. Cranmer, as godfather of Anne’s child, Princess Elizabeth, prophesies at her christening that she will be “A pattern to all princes…”

-from The Pocket Companion to Shakespeare’s Plays by J.C. Trewin

Director's Notes

Directed by Artistic Director Jeff Watkins

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Performances May 30-June 1 & June 7, 13, 16, 2019

Show Times
Shows at The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse begin at 7:30pm, except on Sundays, when they begin at 6:30pm

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