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A Suzi Bass Awards Recommended Show (Henry IV Part 1)

Photos by Daniel Parvis

Henry the Fourth Part One

$15 Gen Admission Preview Thursday September 13, 2018
$20 Gen Admission Preview Friday September 14, 2018
Performances: September 15-23, 2018
In Repertory: October 11, 13, 19, 21, 2018

The newly crowned King Henry IV has much on his mind. Not only does he have to deal with a rebellion led by Glendower, Northumberland and Hotspur, but his son and heir to the throne, Prince Hal, is behaving badly. It seems the young Prince has taken to hanging out at the Boar’s Head Tavern with the roguish knight Sir John Falstaff and his conspicuous friends. Tawdry fun and tavern games quickly turn to life and death as Prince Hal and Hotspur face off in at Shrewsbury. What’s a father to do?!

Henry the Fourth Part Two

$15 Gen Admission Preview Thursday October 4, 2018
$20 Gen Admission Preview Friday October 5, 2018
Performances October 6-7, 2018
In Repertory October 12, 14, 18, 20, 2018

Shakespeare became the forefather of the sequel by penning this next chapter of our story. As sequels demand, this chapter is filled with even more humor, more rowdy tavern shenanigans, more Falstaff, and more rebellion than the first. Here, Prince Hal must decide once and for all whether to turn his back on Falstaff, his notorious friends and his ale-inspired antics or whether he will finally become the responsible son and heir to the throne that his father and country demand. Rarely performed, this “part” is a must-see.

A part of The Shakespeare Evolution Series!

Sponsored by the Bob and Cappa Woodward Charitable Fund

Part One: Join the cast and crew members for a lively Question and Answer session on Sunday September 16 after the show!

Part Two: Join the cast and crew members for a lively Question and Answer session on Sunday October 7 after the show!

Read the Plot Synopsis

Henry IV, Part 1
The Short Story (abridged synopsis)
By Leslie Smith

King Henry IV has two main problems as the play opens. First, the Welsh leader Owen Glendower has beaten one of the King’s armies and captured its leader, Edmund Mortimer. Second, his son, Hal, is a ne’er-do-well keeping company with rogues such as Sir John Falstaff. The Percy family is less than happy when Henry refuses to ransom Mortimer from Glendower, and the heads of the family—Worcester, Northumberland, and Harry Percy (nicknamed “Hotspur")—decide that they will in turn not yield prisoners from a Scottish campaign to King Henry. They then set about inciting a rebellion in collusion with York, Douglas, Mortimer, and even Glendower. In the midst of this, young Hal, the Prince of Wales, is content in running with Falstaff and his lot, drinking, playing pranks, and thieving.
The rebels, led by the Percies, immediately run into difficulties. Hotspur proves quarrelsome, arguing with Glendower over the division of England once King Henry is defeated—and this before the battle has even begun. Northumberland takes ill and Glendower’s force is seriously delayed. Added to these troubles, King Henry has finally struck a chord within his son, Hal.  After a lengthy rebuke Hal determines to make amends with his father with a valiant display against the rebels. King Henry has also raised a considerable army to stop Hotspur and the rest.
In a parley preceding the battle Hal offers to settle matters in a one-on-one contest with Hotspur, winner takes all.  Henry will even offer pardons to the entire rebel side if Hal and Hotspur meet. Worcester, Hotspur’s representative, does not trust this offer and instead lies to Hotspur that King Henry is spoiling for a fight. In the ensuing battle the rebels are resoundingly defeated. Hal slays Hotspur, saving his father in the process, although Falstaff— who survives the battle by playing dead—attempts to steal the glory for Hotspur’s death. Hal, unwilling at this point to press the issue, lets Falstaff have his moment. All seems well for the moment, but there are other rebels lurking in the background in Henry IV, Part two.

Henry IV Part Two
The Short Story (abridged synopsis)
By Leslie Smith

The play picks up the action three years after the death of Hotspur at Shrewsbury. Westmoreland and Lancaster are appointed by the king to lead an army against the last of the rebels. The Archbishop of York, Scroop, is backing the lords Hastings, Mowbray, and Bardolph, along with the tacit support of Northumberland. Northumberland, however, is later dissuaded from joining the rebellion by Lady Percy. Meanwhile, Falstaff is back at the Boar’s Head Inn driving Mistress Quickly out of business with his appetite. Prince Hal visits to have some sport with him but both he and Falstaff are soon summoned to war by the king, who has come down with a grave illness. Falstaff is to recruit soldiers for the king’s army.
This is not a duty one would normally entrust to Falstaff and, true to form, Falstaff finds himself lingering in Gloucestershire with the local justice, Shallow. His “recruits” are easily allowed to buy their way out of service to the army and Falstaff wastes no opportunity to take advantage of Shallow’s hospitality or wallet. In the meantime, the rebel army forces the king to send his younger son, Prince John of Lancaster, to parley with the insurrectionists. John agrees to address the issues raised by the rebels but only if their army is dispersed. That done, John’s army (which has conveniently not disbanded) seizes Scroop and the rest of the lords at the head of the conspiracy. The leaders are summarily executed.
King Henry IV, by this time, is near death with his illness. In a deathbed meeting with Hal the king is at last reconciled with his son, convinced that his true nobility will prevail. With that accomplished, the king dies. Hal ascends to the throne as King Henry V. When Falstaff hears this news he immediately sets out for London-after all, Falstaff is a freeloader, and the thought of his old friend’s new station has him envisioning all kinds of rewards. To his shock, Henry bars him and any of his acquaintances from henceforth approaching within ten miles of him on pain of death.

Director's Notes

Directed by Artistic Director Jeff Watkins

Show Information


H41: Act One: 80 min
15 min intermission
Act Two: 85 min

H42: Act One: 45 min
15 min intermission
Act Two: 65 min
5 min break
Act Three: 45 min

Both shows end around 10:30pm (9:30pm Sundays)

Show Roles

Henry the Fourth Part One
Performances September 15-23, 2018
And in repertory with Henry the Fourth Part Two October 11, 13, 19, 21, 2018

Dramatis Personae

King Henry IV - Maurice Ralston*
Henry (Hal) the Prince of Wales - Jonathan Horne*
Prince John of Lancaster - Sean Kelley
Earl of Westmoreland - Mary Ruth Ralston
Sir Walter Blunt - Charlie T. Thomas
Thomas Percy - Troy Willis*
Henry Percy - Drew Reeves*
Harry Percy, Hotspur - Chris Hecke
Edmund Mortimer - Charlie T. Thomas
Archibald, Earl of Douglas - Mary Russell
Owen Glendower - Drew Reeves*
Lady Percy - Mary Russell
Lady Mortimer - Mary Ruth Ralston
Sir Richard Vernon - Drew Reeves*
Sir John Falstaff - J. Tony Brown*
Poins - Sean Kelley
Bardolph - Jeffrey Zwartjes
Gadshill - Charlie T. Thomas
Hostess Quickly - Mary Ruth Ralston
Francis, a drawer - Drew Reeves*
Sheriff - Troy Willis*
Chamberlain - Mary Russell
Vinter - Mary Russell
Carriers - Maurice Ralston*, Mary Ruth Ralston
Messengers - Jeffrey Zwartjes, Mary Ruth Ralston
Servant - Mary Ruth Ralston
Rich Travelers - Troy Willis*, Drew Reeves*
Ostler - J. Tony Brown*
Musician - Sean Kelley

Henry the Fourth Part Two
Performances October 6-7, 2018
In repertory with Henry IV Part One October 12, 14, 18, 20, 2018

Dramatis Personae
Rumor, the presenter - Laura Cole
King Henry IV - Maurice Ralston*
Henry, Hal, the Prince of Wales - Jonathan Horne*
Prince John of Lancaster - Sean Kelley
Prince Humphrey of Gloucester - Mary Russell
Thomas, Duke of Clarence - Chris Hecke
Earl of Warwick - Charlie T. Thomas
Earl of Westmoreland - Drew Reeves*
Sir John Blunt - Mary Russell
Gower - Chris Hecke
Harcourt - Matt Nitchie*
The Lord Chief Justice - Troy Willis*
Earl of Northumberland - Drew Reeves*
Scroop - Charlie T. Thomas
Lord Mowbray - Laura Cole
Lord Hastings - Chris Hecke
Lord Bardolph - Nicholas Faircloth
Sir John Colville - Troy Willis*
Travers - Matt Nitchie*
Morton - Jeffrey Zwartjes
Lady Northumberland - Laura Cole
Lady Percy, Hotspur’s Widow - Mary Russell
Sir John Falstaff - J. Tony Brown
Ned Poins - Sean Kelley
Bardolph - Jeffrey Zwartjes
Pistol - Maurice Ralston*
Peto - Charlie T. Thomas
Falstaff’s Page - Avery Michael
Hostess Quickly - Mary Ruth Ralston
Doll Tearsheet - Laura Cole
Fang - Maurice Ralston*
Snare - Drew Reeves*
Francis - Drew Reeves*
Drawers - Troy Willis*, Mary Russell
Robert Shallow - Matt Nitchie*
Silence - Nicholas Faircloth
Ralph Mouldy - Troy Willis*
Simon Shadow - Mary Russell
Thomas Wart - Mary Ruth Ralston
Francis Feeble - Sean Kelley
Peter Bullcalf - Jonathan Horne*
Davy - Mary Ruth Ralston
Porter - Chris Hecke
Beadle - Charlie T. Thomas
Servant - Sean Kelley
Officer - Mary Russell
Musician - Matt Nitchie*

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States

Show Times
Shows at The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse begin at 7:30pm, except on Sundays, when they begin at 6:30pm

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