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Specific Dates: October 17-25, November 6 & 7 and Nov 12-22

Drew Reeves

The deceptive and sadistic Richard, Duke of Gloucester stops at nothing to become King. With intelligence, political brilliance, and dazzling use of language, he keeps his subjects and rivals under his thumb…. you might even start to feel a little pressure yourself. Don’t miss this engaging continuation of Shakespeare’s history plays.

Join the cast and crew members for a Question and Answer session on Sunday October 25 after the show!

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Richard opens the play by describing to us a peaceful England: ‘the winter of our discontent’—the long years of the Wars of the Roses have recently ended—is ‘made most excellent summer by this Son of York’—that Son being his oldest brother, King Edward IV.  Richard reveals his secret bitterness at this state of events, and that he himself plots to be King. King Edward is already dying, so Richard plots to have the second brother George, the Duke of Clarence, imprisoned and executed by King Edward, after which he will continue his rise to power by wooing and wedding the Lady Anne.  He is successful in both.

by Drew Reeves, Associate Producer

Richard has many enemies, chiefly Queen Elizabeth’s relatives who have been promoted to high positions since her marriage to Edward.  He also has very outspoken enemies in the former Queen Margaret and his own mother, the Duchess of York.

King Edward dies and Richard is made Lord Protector to his eldest son, who is to be King Edward V.  With the help of his supporters, most notably the Duke of Buckingham, Richard maneuvers to have all who oppose him executed and convinces enough of the populace that young Edward is illegitimate and that Richard should rightfully be King.

Once Richard has been crowned King, he plots to have his nephews, the rightful heirs to the throne, murdered.  He also turns against his closest friend and ally, Buckingham.  News is brought that many lords are fleeing to join Henry, Earl of Richmond, who is making a claim for the throne, and for Queen Elizabeth’s daughter.  Richard attempts to win the Queen’s daughter for himself.

Richmond lands in England, Buckingham is caught and executed.  Richard’s and Richmond’s armies face each other at Bosworth Field.  The night before the battle, the ghosts of all of those slain at Richard’s hand visit each camp, predicting doom for Richard and victory for Richmond.  Their prophesies prove true and Richard is defeated and killed.  Richmond is to be King Henry VII, the first of the Tudor line.

Director's Notes

Directed by Jeff Watkins

Show Information


Act One: 65 minutes Act 2: 55 minutes Act 3: 65 minutes

Show Roles

Oct 15-Nov 22, 2009
King Edward IV – Matt Nitchie
Edward, Prince of Wales –David Sterritt
Richard, Duke of York – Jacob McKee/Patrick Dyer (shared role)
George, Duke of Clarence – Nicholas Faircloth
Richard III - Drew Reeves*
Henry, Earl of Richmond, - Matt Felten
Cardinal Bourchier – Nicholas Faircloth
Thomas Rotherham – Clarke Weigle
John Morton –David Sterritt
Another Archbishop – J. Tony Brown*
Duke of Buckingham – Andrew Houchins*
Duke of Norfolk – Nicholas Faircloth
Earl of Surrey – J. Tony Brown*
Earl Rivers - Daniel Kerr
Marquis of Dorset – David Sterritt
Lord Grey – Clarke Weigle
Earl of Oxford – Daniel Kerr
Lord Hastings – J. Tony Brown*
Lord Stanley – Troy Willis*
Lord Lovel – Brian Mayberry
Sir Richard Ratcliff –Mike Niedzwiecki
Sir William Catesby – Daniel Parvis
Sir James Tyrrel – Matt Nitchie
Sir James Blount –Clarke Weigle
Sir Walter Herbert – Brian Mayberry
Sir Robert Brakenbury – Matt Felten
Sir William Brandon – Matt Nitchie
Christopher Urswick, a priest – David Sterritt
Bishop – Mike Niedzwiecki
Lord Mayor of London – Matt Nitchie
Sheriff of Wiltshire – J. Tony Brown*
Elizabeth, Queen– Heidi Cline McKerley
Margaret – Laura Cole
Duchess of York – Josie Burgin Lawson
Lady Anne – Amee Vyas*
Dead Henry VI – Daniel Parvis
Scrivener – Nicholas Faircloth

Show Times
Shows at The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse begin at 7:30pm, except on Sundays, when they begin at 6:30pm

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