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A Suzi Bass Awards Recommended Show!

Rachel Frawley and Marlon Burnley (Photo by Daniel Parvis)

A shipwreck, separated identical twins, mistaken identities, romance, revenge and one pair of yellow stockings…welcome to Orsino’s court and the zany world of Illyria.

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Supernatural Elements: None

Adult Content Advisory: Maria places Sir Andrew's hand on her chest. The three couples all share moments of intimacy including kissing and embracing both standing and laying down. Olivia pursues intimacy with the disguised Viola.

Violence Advisory: There is a comedic sword fight between Cesario and Sir Andrew and well as some brief moments of staged violence between Sebastian, Sir Andrew, Antonio and the Officers.

Language Advisory: Hell, ass

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Join the cast and crew members for a lively post show Q&A on Sunday January 19, 2020

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Read the Plot Synopsis

Twelfth Night Synopsis

-Adapted for this production from The Pocket Companion to Shakespeare’s Plays by J C Trewin

Orsino, the Duke of Illyria, is in love with the Lady Olivia. Viola, “of Messaline,” wrecked on the Illyrian shore and believing wrongly that her twin brother Sebastian has been drowned, becomes (in the male disguise of Cesario) a page to Orsino. Viola/Cesario falls in love with the Duke. She bears his reiterated and scorned love message to the young countess Olivia, who is mourning affectedly for a dead brother. Olivia falls in love with Viola/Cesario. Meanwhile Olivia’s parasitic relative Sir Toby, her gentlewoman Maria, her “allowed fool” Feste and Fabian, also in her service, join to trick Malvolio, her somber, haughty and puritanical steward, an enemy of them all. Presently, told by a forged letter (ostensibly Olivia’s, actually Maria’s) that Olivia is infatuated with him, Malvolio takes to himself the phrase: “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, some have greatness thrust upon ‘em.”

Obeying the false command to appear before his mistress smiling and in absurdly cross-gartered yellow stockings, Malvolio is carried off to a dark cell as a presumed madman. Sebastian, who we have realized by now was saved (believing his sister lost), has reached the town with his rescuer Antonio, a piratical captain who had once fought against Orsino’s ships. The plotters have persuaded Andrew, jealous of Olivia’s obvious love for Cesario, to challenge the page to a duel; while this is being scrambled through, Antonio arrives, mistakes Cesario for Sebastian, draws his sword to help, and is arrested by the Duke’s officers.

Soon afterwards Toby, believing Sebastian to be Cesario, attacks him and is sternly rebuked by Olivia. Also mistaken, she begs the young man to go with her; he does so, pleasantly bewildered, and in a brief later scene she urges marriage and they follow a priest to the chantry. Finally, confusions are resolved: the twins recognize each other; Viola, herself again, will be Orsino’s Duchess, his “fancy’s queen”; Toby weds Maria; Malvolio, released, swears revenge on “the whole pack of you”; and the comedy fades in Feste’s twilit song.

Director's Notes

Directed by Jaclyn Hofmann

Show Information


Act One: 70 minutes
15 minute intermission
Act Two: 70 min
Show will end around 10:15pm / 9:15pm Sundays

Show Roles

Performances January 4-26, 2020

Dramatis Personae
Viola - Rachel Frawley
Olivia - India Tyree
Orsino - Marlon Burnley*
Feste - Matt Nitchie*
Malvolio - Jacob York*
Sir Toby Belch - David Weber
Sir Andrew Aguecheek - Avery Sharpe
Maria - Megan Rose
Curio - Sariel Taribio
Valentine - Kaley Pharr
Captain - Avery Sharpe
Antonio - Nick Reid
Sebastian - Jon Wierenga
Fabian - Adam King
Sailors - Avery Sharpe, Jon Wierenga, Nick Reid
Attendants - Adam King, Nick Reid
Musician - Adam King
1st Officer - Sariel Taribio
2nd Officer - Kaley Pharr
Priest - Sariel Taribio

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States

Show Times
In general, shows at The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse begin at 7:30pm, except on Sundays, when they begin at 6:30pm.

Bardometer Rating

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You may already know the story and what happens at the end. But even if you don’t, the play is light and the plot is easy to follow. Limited violence, limited bawdiness (see below). There are very few things – historical, religious, or political – that you need to know ahead of time. Just enjoy!

A note about bawdiness in Shakespeare: It exists. Despite what your English teacher taught you, Shakespeare wrote some pretty saucy lines and they pop up from time to time. While there is never any nudity on stage, our actors are trained to make the text clear. If we feel a show contains a plethora of Graphic Elizabethan Poetry (or is very bloody/violent/triggering) we will put that disclaimer in the blurb about the show. It won’t happen often. If this Bardometer lists a play as a 1 or 2, you can rest assured that it is an appropriate show for kids under ten.

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