Ad rates

The Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern Playbill is published 4 times a year and reaches over 50,000 people! Show your community that you support the arts.

Rate Size Specifications
$100 1/8th page 5.25”w × 1.0”h or Vertical 2.5”w × 2.0”h
$150 1/4th page 5.25”w × 2.0”h or Vertical 2.5”w × 4.0”h
$250 1/2th page 5.25”w × 4.0”h or Vertical 2.5”w × 8.25”h
$450 Full page 5.25”w × 8.25”h
Contact playbill ad sales: [email protected].

Additional services & Fees

Design $65

Have us create the ad for you! You get 2 designs and one edit. Any sign cant changes or completely new designs will be billed at the rate of $25 per design/change.

Placement Approval $25

Have a specific place in the playbill you want to see your ad? Maybe you’re a fan of a particular title or want your ad on the backcover. With this option, you get your placement guaranteed.

Current season

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Issue 2/Winter

Issue 3/Spring

Issue 4/Summer